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Enhesa’s Global EHS Regulatory Forecast 2017

16 Mar. 2017 By Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford

Recap of an enduringly popular and truly global event.

In February 2017, some 400 EHS professionals from across industry, and 26 countries, attended two sessions of the latest in Enhesa’s complimentary webinar series.

Now in its tenth year, Enhesa’s annual Global Regulatory Forecast Webinar has become an institution within the EHS industry, providing an overview of recently adopted laws, as well as looking forwards to trends in proposed laws and policy developments across the whole world.

The webinar draws on the reports published under Enhesa’s Regulatory Forecaster service, which cover policy and regulatory developments in more than 250 jurisdictions worldwide. In preparing its overview Enhesa’s team analysed several thousand monitoring reports to identify the major trends to face in the years ahead.

For the 2017 edition, Ruth White, Kengo Okuda and Agathe Subileau, three of Enhesa’s in-house regulatory analysts, presented the major EHS regulatory trends for 2017 and beyond, and took a specific look at how these developments could impact businesses, around four major global regions.

Ruth focused on The Americas as a whole, and identified several overall key trends in Canada, the USA, Colombia, Argentina and Peru, amongst others. The specific trends included the fact that Climate change-related requirements that impact air & energy requirements became more stringent and that there is likely to be more health and safety enforcement, and expanded protections for workers, across the board, but particularly in Latin America.

Kengo looked at the Asia and Oceania, and Africa and the Middle Eastern regions and identified trends based on whether they have a narrow scope (such as specific measures in Japan around the energy efficiency of buildings); a medium scope (such as the National Standard for Environmental Risk Management of Industrial Chemicals in Australia); or a broader scope (such as wider environmental legislative reforms in Vietnam, India and China).

Agathe provided the European viewpoint and focused on the key regulatory and policy initiatives which are likely to be expanded on by legislators in the coming years, such as the circular economy and product eco-design; but also greater moves to address “psychosocial” risks, such as stress, in workplaces (such as in Spain, Sweden and Belgium); and moves to simplify environmental regulations as a whole (such as in the Netherlands).

Ruth, Kengo and Agathe very ably met the quite considerable challenge of condensing a vast amount of information into an hour’s presentation. There was even time for some interesting questions, of which most were heavily focused on recent political developments in the U.S.A. and the UK.

If you missed the live sessions of our webinar, you can access a copy of the webinar slides and the recording here:

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