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EHS Scope

Enhesa covers

Enhesa’s service offering covers laws and regulations impacting your Operation and Products that fall within the remit of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). In addition, Enhesa can also cover legislative proposals, policies and guidance.

Harmonized Structure

In order to provide a clear and defined structure to the information and analysis we provide, all our services are structured according to a standard thematic scope (see below). Under each of the principle thematic headings there are around 250 different sub-headings covered – giving a very in-depth coverage. The scope is applied across all standard services and across all of the (more than 200) jurisdictions we cover, meaning that it is easy to find the information you are looking for. It also makes it easier to compare requirements between different jurisdictions. Our standard offering is our Generic Industrial Manufacturing scope, which meets the needs of most of our clients. However, the thematic structure can also be easily tailored down to cover lower risk industries, such as Office and Warehouse environments.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of the structured subject-matter approach is that Enhesa can tailor up, or scale-down, its thematic coverage so that clients only receive information that is relevant to them; and Enhesa’s regulatory content can be mapped and provided as a datafeed compatible with a number of platforms.

Through applying the harmonized thematic structure Enhesa’s analysis and information is easily and conveniently packaged as datafeeds that can be delivered to a variety of third party EHS software platforms. Enhesa can also look at expanding the scope if needed to meet your specific needs.

  • Administrative & legal structure

    This thematic module looks at the structure put in place to regulate EHS in a particular country, from the authorities in question, to the key EHS laws, enforcement practices and policies in place.
  • General Environment

    Under this umbrella heading we will cover issues relating to general environmental obligations such as duty of care, permits, environmental taxes and fees, and soil protection.
  • Air Emissions

    The Air Emissions module covers emissions restrictions, ambient air quality and noise requirements, as well as climate change and energy-related issues.
  • Water

    This module covers all of the main environmental aspects relating to water permits, abstraction and discharge, including storm/rainwater and spill prevention.
  • Waste

    This module covers issues related to general waste management (policies, permits, recordkeeping), but also issues related to waste shipments and disposal operations. Covering both non-hazardous and hazardous wastes, this module also covers specific waste streams that are often regulated separately. International waste issues and issues impacting waste contractors are also covered.
  • Chemicals

    This module covers all the critical issues surrounding chemicals classification, labeling, packaging and testing (GHS and REACH), as well as marketing restrictions and prohibitions of specific chemicals. This includes coverage of safety data sheets and import/export restrictions.
  • Hazardous Materials

    Under “Hazardous Materials Management”, Enhesa cover aspects relating to the storage and handling of hazardous substances (including above and below-ground tanks), the transport of hazardous materials via various methods (ADR, RID, etc), as well as specific hazardous materials that are heavily regulated such as Asbestos and PCBs.
  • Safety

    The Safety module covers all the legal requirements concerning general health and safety issues that form the basis of all H&S management, such as duty of care, risk assessments, action plans, H&S Committees and personnel, training, signage, regulations protecting certain classes of employees and issues related to contractors and construction activities.
  • Process Safety

    The Process Safety module covers all aspects related to technical and facility issues, such as machinery and work equipment, lifting issues,  fall protection, safe work with pressure systems, electric and explosive atmospheres, as well as issues relating to PPE and driver safety.
  • Emergency Preparedness

    Our Emergency Preparedness module covers issues related to fire safety and prevention, evacuation, accidental chemical releases as well as issues relating to the operation of major accident hazard facilities.
  • Occupational Health

    In terms of “Occupational Health”, the Enhesa module covers all aspects of health surveillance, first aid, illness/accident reporting and recordkeeping as well as issues regarding workplace layout and installation (ergonomics, worker space and comfort). The module also covers all workplace exposure issues (noise, chemicals, physical agents and radiation).
  • Product Management

    Alongside or separately from our coverage of operational issues, Enhesa can also cover regulatory issues relating to putting products on the market – from the initial design phase through end-of-life issues. Other areas that can be covered include specific restrictions on chemicals, labeling and packaging requirements.

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