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Issue 71 July 2013

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Product Management

Issues typically addressed under Product Management include the following (as appropriate and regulated):

  1. General Product Environment Policy
  2. Product Design
    Including product review/life cycle analysis (LCA); general chemical restrictions; restrictions on the use of cadmium, mercury, lead, brominated flame retardants, azo-colorants, polychlorinated biphenyls and ozone-depleting substances; noise emissions; energy efficiency; ionising radiation; food-contact materials; restrictions on the use of phosphates; biodegradability of detergents; safety requirements; restrictions on the use of chromium; material coding; restrictions on genetically modified organisms; plant protection products and pesticides, etc. 
  3. Marketing Conditions
    Including  supplier registration, product registration, compulsory product certification, packaging, compulsory labelling, user information, import/export restrictions, publicity, construction products, etc.  
  4. Marketing Facilitator
    Including industry initiatives, voluntary labelling, purchasing guidelines, fiscal initiatives, green awards, etc.  
  5. Distribution
    Including packaging.
  6. End-of-life
    Including general take back and reverse logistics as well as those requirements focused on packaging, vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, tires and pharmaceuticals; recycling and disposal, both general and focused on packaging, vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, paper, tyres, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, etc.