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Issue 71 July 2013

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What is Environment, Health & Safety?

What is considered environment, occupational health & safety (EHS), and thus EHS regulations is different in each country.  In some countries this will include for example industrial permitting or hazardous materials, in others it will not.  As a global company you do not want to be comparing apples and oranges, and you want to ensure everything is dealt with in a proper manner.

To overcome this problem, ENHESA analysed what is commonly considered to be an EHS issue in Europe, North America and selected Asian countries and from there on defined a conceptual framework for structuring EHS issues of interest to industrial operations in ten main subject areas.  This logical framework allows to capture the global diversity in legal approaches and concepts for regulating.  It also facilitates comparing how your various operations are regulated and which requirements are common worldwide or very country specific.  With regard to product issues we tend to follow the life-cycle of the product from design, over distribution, to putting on the market, use and end-of-life. More Info on Product Issues

General Environmental Requirements
This includes general environmental duties, permits and licenses, release reporting, soil/groundwater contamination,... More Info

Air Emission Management
This includes air emission restrictions, climate change, ambient noise, light, odours, radiation,... More Info

Water Management
This includes water abstraction and use as well as waste water discharge to sewer, surface water,... More Info

Waste Management
This includes general waste classification, waste disposal, waste shipments, recovery/recycling, hazardous waste, used oil, radioactive waste,... More Info

Chemicals Management
This includes chemicals classification, chemical packaging, chemical labelling, chemical restrictions, material safety data sheets,... More Info

Hazardous Materials Management
This includes requirements on hazardous materials storage and handling, transport of dangerous goods by road or air, asbestos management, polychlorinated biphenyls,... More Info

Safety Management
This includes general duty of care, risk assessment, risk management, information & training, protected classes of employees such as youngsters and pregnant women, on-site contractors and construction activities,... More Info

Process Safety
This includes machinery safety, lock-out tag-out, confined spaces, hot work, lifting equipment, pressure vessels, electrical safety, personal protective equipment,... More Info

Life Safety / Emergency Preparedness
This includes Fire Prevention, Evacuation, Fire Fighting, accidental releases, major industrial accident hazards,... More Info

Occupational Health
This includes medical surveillance, accident reporting, first aid, workplace requirements, ergonomics, exposure limits,... More Info