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Issue 71 July 2013

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Enhesa Services

Our services focus on helping our clients with all aspects of EHS compliance, from identifying new regulatory requirements to evaluating and ensuring compliance with existing ones to forecasting future trends to help our clients stay one step ahead.

In particular, we help our clients devise and implement strategies and cost effective programmes by:

  • Managing risks and avoiding liabilities
    We advise our clients on the regulatory requirements they must comply with, and evaluate their operations and activities to ensure cost-effective compliance as well as help them avoid or better manage associated liabilities. In this respect, we can either handle a client’s audits, or support existing internal audit teams with regulatory information in the languages needed.
  • Anticipating change
    We monitor new regulatory and policy developments worldwide and help companies prioritise environmental issues based on real and potential impacts on their operations and markets to tailor programmes which improve business as well as environmental performance.
  • Integrating the environment into corporate strategies
    The key to sustainability: We work with our clients to improve their understanding of how existing and new requirements will impact their operations, products, services and markets, and then we help design strategies and programmes for long-term business success. Enhesa provides senior management with the critical information they need to make strategic investment decisions, and operations managers with support for the design and implementation of appropriate environmental and health and safety management systems.
  • Developing policies and implementation strategies
    We collaborate with our public sector clients to evaluate existing programmes and develop new policies in the area of environmental protection which reflect real world scenarios, and create new communication or training tools to facilitate their implementation.

Our services include:

Global EHS Regulatory Monitoring

  • monitoring of national environmental policies, laws and regulations in some 50 countries in Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa and America
  • analyses of the impacts of emerging laws and programmes on client operations and products
  • tailored monitoring reports

EHS Audits, Audit Protocols and Compliance Scorecards

EHS Due Diligence ... before you buy

  • Site selection assistance, due diligence investigations, covering soil contamination, appropriate permits, conformity of equipment, building integrity, etc

EHS Country Profiles

  • who are the competent EHS authorities in any given country
  • how a given facility or product is regulated in any given country
  • up to date Country Profiles of EHS Regulations for Industry are available for more than 30 countries. They can be tailored to your industry sector or even to your company operations.

Strategic EHS Compliance Assurance Management

  • analysis of current and future environment-related business risks; integration of environmental issues into corporate strategies, policies and programmes
  • analysis and forecast on how pending and future regulations are likely to impact your company
  • design and implementation support for environmental management systems, incl. gap evaluation 

EHS Training and Communications

  • environmental management training workshops (EMAS, ISO 14001...)
  • development of internal and external environmental information systems
  • development of corporate and regional environment, health and safety annual reports and brochures (environmental reporting)

Enhancing Product Environmental Stewardship

  • product stewardship programme assessment/improvement opportunities
  • environmental business opportunities assessment (products, services) 

Helpline Support Service

  • for any EHS question you want to have answered as soon as possible

Enhesa Publications

  • Enhesa's publications address both the latest regulatory developments and trends, as well as forecasting future change.
  • Enhesa Global EHS Compliance Assurance Services (Download pdf)