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Issue 71 July 2013

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Issue Cover Stories
No. - July 2013
  • Global regulation from April to June 2013
  • Safety in the Sun: When is your workplace too hot to handle?
  • Enforcement extremes: Environmental crimes are now punishable by death in China
  • Cleaner air for all: A review of the EU's largest
No. 70 - May 2013
  • Introducing…The new and improved legal register services of Enhesa
  • Countries take a global stand on conflict minerals
  • Croatia's EU Membership and what that means for EHS regulation
  • Thrive on sharing knowledge with your EHS peers
  • India: the next Asian leader in corporate social responsibility legislation
  • An Important Milestone: Enhesa has written 50K detailed regulatory analyses!
  • Chemical Corner
No. 69 March 2013
  • Then and now: The difference four years can make in global regulatory subject matter focus
  • US sequestration cuts: EPA & OSHA impacts
  • General environmental rules becoming "the norm" in the Netherlands
  • A case of "too big to fail" in Taranto, Italy
  • Chemical corner: Second 2013 REACH registration deadline approaching!
  • New training partnership with SAMTRAC!
  • Check out the video on our partnerships with platform providers!
No. 68 January 2013
  • 4 ISO changes are afoot!
  • 2012 EHS regulatory trends in review-watch the video!
  • The harmonization of occupational health & safety laws in Australia
  • Join our upcoming webinar: China EHS Regulatory Update
  • The EU in 2012: Looking back at a productive regulatory year
  • Charges against BP Supervisors for gulf spill deaths send "clear message"
  • Mining in Latin America
  • Chemical Corner
No. 67 October 2012
  • Planning your budget for 2013? What you need to know
  • The EU revises rules applicable to high-risk facilities
  • WEEE 2 is here
  • China gives more enforcement power to environmental inspection officers
  • Wind Energy Policy: China's approach to market leadership
No. 66 August 2012
  • EHS Mining regulation around the world
  • Proposed China RoHS regulation aligns with EU RoHS Directive
  • New framework for environmental regulation proposed for Scotland
  • Being on the sharp end of enforcement
No. 65 June 2012
  • Corporate Standards: good enough in today's world?
  • How to avoid hearing the phrase "you should have known" in 2022
  • Energy efficient products: the case of Latin America
  • The EU water challenge - every drop counts
  • A special look at Kuwait and renewable energy in oil & gas
No. 64 April 2012
  • Nations worldwide step up their enforcement focus
  • OSHA's new Hazard Communication Standard
  • Offshore oil & gas developments - snapshots from around the world
  • Will you be held liable for non-compliance?
  • A work in progress - achieving uniformity in Australia
No. 63 February 2012
  • Who is held liable for non-compliance? Don't be the next CEO behind bars
  • Thinking outside the factory: a review of Enhesa's February 2012 webinar
  • Is your production at risk of REACH?
  • A closer look: US & EU Pollutant Release Data analysis
  • Keystone rejection likely to drive state EHS pipeline regulation
  • Environmental enforcement trends in Brazil
  • Employers' duty to eliminate workplace violence hazards
N°. 62 December 2011
  • Season's Greetings from Enhesa
  • Asia's Regulatory Outlook for 2012 -a review of Enhesa's last webinar
  • New Feature- from information system to collaboration platform
  • The EU Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe
  • SEAB-issued recommendations present new challenges to shale gas industry
  • Turkey aims to harmonize its chemical legislation with EU REACH and CLP regulation
  • Barriers to GHS
N°. 61 October 2011
  • Carbon Labeling: Impacting the Entire Supply Chain
  • Growing international investment in Africa
  • The EHS audit solution to federal and state variances
  • How are electric & electronic products regulated in France?
  • US EPA announces nationwide plans to study fracking impacts
No. 60 August 2011
  • Are you ready for carbon labeling?
  • The EHS audit solution to federal & state variances: a review of Enhesa's last webinar
  • Growing international investment in Africa
  • How are electric & electronic products regulated in France?
  • The influence of the European Union Court of Justice
  • US EPA announces nationwide plans to study fracking impacts
  • From voluntary to mandatory: energy management systems in the US
No. 59 - June 2011
  • International EHS Permitting: A Review of Enhesa's Last Webinar
  • Cracking down on Fracking - The US Regulatory Trend and what that means for Oil Companies
  • Japan REACH: Now fully implemented
No. 58 - April 2011
  • Overcoming the International Audit Challenge
  • EHS On the Rise in Africa: A Review of Enhesa's Recent Webinar
  • Define & Disclose: EU moves forward with nanomaterial legislation
  • Who Enforces Chemical Regulations?
  • Enhesa Product Compliance Checklists
No. 57 - February 2011
  • Enhesa's 2010 Regulatory Review: Product environmental regulations on the rise
  • Enhesa celebrates 10 years as an independent company
  • African EHS Outlook 2011 Webinar
  • Enhesa's New Compliance Manager Service
No. 56 - December 2010
  • Regulatory comparison of EU and US
  • New Enhesa Compliance Manager
  • Environmental Subsidies in the Netherlands
  • 24,675 registrations made under REACH
No. 55 - September 2010
    Focus on nanomaterials
  • Europe’s struggle with nanomaterials
  • Emerging nanomaterials regulation in the US
  • Take-back programs expand in the US
  • Enhesa’s ScoreCard is all new
  • Large fines for Europe’s largest peacetime explosion
  • Enablon and Enhesa join forces
No. 54 - July 2010
    Focus on EHS trends in Africa
  • Getting stronger – EHS laws expanding across Africa
  • EHS enforcement in Nigeria
  • The EHS framework in South Africa
  • Achieving EMAS certification
  • EHS regulations – what are the differences between the US states?
No. 53 - May 2010
  • EPA strengthens chemicals management under TSCA
  • Enhesa presentation on pollutant emission reporting requirements
  • Enhesa celebrates Earth Day 2010
  • Enforcing environmental law in Latin America
  • Enhesa creates Global Audit Partnership
  • Enforcing environmental law in Latin America
N°. 52 - Mar.. 2010
    Focus on the EHS trends in Latin America
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
  • Enhesa launches GHS Tracking Service
  • Japan’s new era of chemical management
  • Enhesa creates Global Audit Partnership
  • Sensitive environments: oil & gas production activities
  • Sustainable construction in Colombia
N°. 51 - Jan. 2010
    Focus on the global EHS trends of 2010
  • Enhesa Forecast 2010
  • Endocrine-disrupting chemicals - Enhesa free webinar
  • GHS implementation in New Zealand
  • Climate change: Kilometer levy in the Netherlands
  • Risk management as part of EHS compliance auditing
  • Emissions reporting - What are the implications for your business?
N°. 50 - Nov. 2009
  • Expanding pollution release reporting and the implications for greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Tackling workplace stress – What are the risk factors in your workplace?
  • Is the defense industry covered by REACH?
  • First REACH deadline approaches for downstream users.
  • The UNASUR treaty in South America and its impact on EHS regulation.
  • Enhesa expands Audit Protocol coverage and drops prices.
N°. 49 - Sept. 2009
  • Revised EHS auditing standards have global relevance
  • Most businesses unprepared for Substances of Very High Concern Regulations
  • Enhesa Audit Protocols now available for all Canadian provinces
  • Enhesa about to launch its Corporate Audit Program Partnership
  • Nanomaterials: European Commissions seeks more evidence
  • What do you need to know about Occupational Exposure Limits?
  • Consumers want green products: Latest EU survey
No. 48 - July 2009
  • An example of bad EU regulation – the new Classification and Labeling Regulation
  • Enhesa issues its 30,000th Monitoring Report
  • Liberalization of the electricity market in Latin America
  • Enhesa moves to downtown DC
  • Are administrative offices a higher risk than industrial operations?
No. 47 - May 2009
  • Building an Audit Program That Can Withstand Dual Challenges of Economic Downturn & Increasing Regulatory Activity,
  • Occupational Exposure Limits in Europe, A Long Way to Go for Harmonisation,
  • Waste Management in China,
  • Global EHS Regulatory Helpline Service,
  • Product Recalls in Europe Keep Rising, and
  • Enhesa Webinar Program.
No. 46 - Mar 2009
  • Substances of Very High Concern
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration, and
  • Occupational Exposure Limits.
No. 45 - Jan 2009
  • Climate Change: Post Kyoto Negotiations
  • Emerging Global Battery Regulations
  • The first design requirements for energy using products
  • Substances of very high concern
  • USD 11,800,000,000 in EPA enforcement actions in 2008
No. 44 - Oct 2008
  • Are you ready for REACH?
  • The Newest EU Member State is...
  • Beyond ROHS
No. 43 - Sep 2008
  • A reflection on today's audit practices
  • REACH-ing Asia
  • Enhesa Office Inauguration Pictures
No. 42 - Aug 2008
  • UK Revokes Trading Scheme - Changing Tides?
  • New Office in Washington DC area
  • Lion faeces
No. 41 - Jun 2008
  • REACH Pre-Registration Initiated from 1 June
No. 40 - May 2008
  • EHS concerns in an office
  • Are you sure you have the EHS Permits you need?
No. 39 - Apr 2008
  • Enhesa does audits too!
  • 80+ Audit Protocols
No. 38 - Mar 2008
  • European EHS Compliance Quiz
  • Businesses face massive product recall
  • At the front-end of EHS compliance: Regulatory Registers
No. 37 - Sep 2007
  • European EHS Compliance Quiz
  • Businesses face massive product recall
  • At the front-end of EHS compliance: Regulatory Registers
No. 36 - Jul 2007
  • Audit tools: new functions and options
  • Entry into force of the REACH Regulation. Is your product a chemical?
No. 35 - Apr 2007
  • Enhesa-DCA Webinar - What's next? Implications of REACH and other new EU policies and programs on the horizon for the electronics and telecommunications industries
  • EU steps up environmental law enforcement
  • European Union Strategy 2007-2012 on Health and Safety at Work released
  • Enhesa Chemical Tracking Service
No. 34 - Feb 2007
  • EU chemicals legislation adopted
  • Emissions from 12,000 facilities in Europe online
  • ILO strategy for the modernization and reinvigoration of labour inspection
No. 33 - Dec 2006
  • EU Study of Product Life-Cycle Targets Food, Transport and Housing
  • Enhesa at Climate Change Conference
No. 32 - Oct 2006
  • New features and improvements in Enhesa's EHS Regulatory Monitoring service
  • European Superfund legislation proposed
  • EU Eco-label scheme gains momentum
  • New Revision of GHS pending
No. 31 - Aug 2006
  • New features in Enhesa’s Audit Protocols and Scorecards to make the auditor’s life easier
  • Enforcement of environmental law in the European Union
  • Implementation of New Zealand’s unique approach to chemical management
No. 30 - Jul 2006
  • Entry into force of the RoHS Directive on 1 July 2006 : Final Deadline for Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturers
  • Global Review of Site Contamination Regulations
No. 29 - Jun 2006
  • Ensuring compliance with changing regulations - Standards Australia's principles for establishing an effective compliance program
No. 28 - Mar 2006
  • Contaminated land: Managing liability in the face of changing regulations
No. 27 - Nov 2005
  • Asbestos: Do you have potential liabilities under control?
No. 26 - Oct 2005
  • Workplace accidents and fatalities on the increase, regulators attempt to close the gap
No. 25 - Aug 2005
  • Public Facility Performance Assessment: The Danish Smiley System
  • Enhesa launches new WEEE/RoHS Service to respond to customer demand
No. 24 - May 2005
  • Compulsory EHS Managers - an international comparison of responsibility and liability
No. 23 - Apr 2005
  • Revision of ISO 14001: Focus on compliance
  • Enhesa launches new Chemical Regulatory Tracking System
No. 22 - Feb 2005
  • Emissions trading gets started in the EU
  • Liability for contaminated land: Strengthening of the Spanish system
No. 21 - Dec 2004
  • Personalized Regulatory Monitoring
  • Regulatory Registers
No. 20 - Sep 2004
  • Contaminated land in Canada: Legislation enters into force in Ontario
  • Proposed changes to waste permitting system in the Netherlands
No. 19 - Aug 2004
  • Approaches to dealing with waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Minimum safety and health requirements when working at heights
No. 18 - Jun 2004
  • Ensuring compliance, especially when operating in a multitude of countries
No. 17 - May 2004
  • EU Directive on Environmental Liability adopted
No. 16 - Feb 2004
  • European Pollutant Emissions Register issued + Focus on Poland and Japan
No. 15 - Dec 2003
  • Working in Confined Spaces
No. 14 - Aug 2003
  • Extended Producer Responsibility: Supply-Chain Impacts of the EU’s WEEE and RoHS Directives
  • Identify and Access International EHS Legal Requirements with Enhesa’s Regulatory Registers
No. 13 - July 2003
  • Enhesa provides standardized country profiles for over 160 countries
  • Enhesa and BNA collaboration
No. 12 - June 2003
  • 2004 Global Forecast of Environmental Health and Safety Policy and Regulatory Developments Impacting Industry
No. 11 - Dec 2002
  • Does the use of mobile phone while driving cause a risk for your company?
  • Germany tightens requirements on the use of work equipment
No. 10 - Sep 2002
  • ENHESA-EPC Develops International EHS Compliance Audit Checklists for General Electric
  • CEOs in France must pay attention to EHS performance
No. 9 - May 2002
  • Hazardous Substance Control Laws Pose Significant Risks to Non-Chemical Manufacturers
No. 8 - Feb 2002
  • Toyota leads the way toward a cleaner future
  • Includes the 2001 review and future trends
No. 7 - Oct 2001
  • Enhesa-EPC Supports TXU Europe with Health, Safety & Environmental Requirements in Europe
No. 6 - Aug 2001
  • EPC Leads Global Compliance and EMS Audits for Major IT Firm on Four Continents
No. 5 - Jun 2001
  • Environmental Policy Centre Acquired by Enhesa
No. 4 - Feb 2001
  • EPC Assists in Reform of Environmental Inspections in Eastern Europe
No. 3 - Nov 2000
  • EPC Provides Lucent Technologies With Web-based EHS Legislative/Regulatory Updates
No.2 - Aug 2000
  • EPC assists Baxter International Inc. to Ensure Compliance Worldwide
No.1 - May 2000
  • EPC Assisting Belden Wire & Cable in Assessing its EHS Communication Needs