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Global EHS Regulatory Monitoring

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Proactive compliance

ENHESA's Monitoring Service is a management tool to identify, track and analyse critical EHS policy and regulatory developments occurring in countries of interest to the client. The Monitoring Service is used to ensure regulatory compliance worldwide in a cost-effective manner, thus avoiding the business risks of administrative or criminal sanctions. Increasingly companies are also aware that the better informed they are of future policy and regulatory developments, the better they can develop and implement business strategies to seize opportunities.

The Monitoring Service can be used as a tool to fulfil ISO 14001 requirement 4.3.2. The Monitoring Reports provide links to the text of the legislation and if need be, copies of all regulatory documents referred to in the Monitoring Reports can be provided to clients. The Service can also be made facility/division-specific. As opposed to other services, the Monitoring Service provides you with the opportunity to talk to ENHESA consultants to clarify any of the issues reported and how to respond to them.

Tailored to Your Business

The EHS Regulatory Monitoring service is tailored to the individual needs of each client. The issues to be covered are determined in conjunction with you at the beginning of the service.  It frequently occurs that the issues to be covered are adjusted to changes within the client company or new market developments. Enhesa covers the following developments throughout the regulatory/legislative process:

  • Background News: Any important development that could trigger a government initiative to change regulatory requirements companies face, as well as useful information on best practices, upcoming conferences, etc.  
  • Policy: Any government policy/document that will likely lead to a change in the regulatory requirements companies face.
  • Proposal: Any government initiative (publicly known) that could lead to a regulatory requirement imposed upon companies.
  • Legislation: Any regulatory requirement imposed upon companies.
  • Jurisprudence: Any decision of a court of justice which changes the regulatory requirements imposed upon companies.
  • Guidance: Any official document issued by the a public authority that clarifies or details the regulatory requirements imposed upon companies.

Issues Covered

In general, the issues of interest will vary depending on whether a client’s operations in a given country involve industrial manufacturing operations, warehouse and distribution facilities, R&D facilities, mobile installation activities, or administrative facilities. The tables below provide an indicative overview of the issues covered by the Monitoring service, for operations and products respectively.

Issues covered for Operations

Issues covered for Products

General Product Policy
  • Product Design
  • Marketing Conditions
  • Marketing Facilitator
  • End-of-Life
  • more info on our product coverage

    Countries Covered

    Enhesa currently monitors more than150 and states.  This list changes frequently as clients acquire or divest, and is not exhaustive. Any country of interest to a client may be covered by the extensive Enhesa network of local consultants.

    The Monitoring Reports

     The Monitoring Reports contain a number of monitoring records, which not only identify and summarize each regulatory initiative as it evolves, but also analyses how regulatory initiatives impact your business and how to respond to them.

    Each monitoring record contains three key components: the abstract, the analysis and the business impact.

    • The abstract is an 'introductory' paragraph to give you an overview of what the development is about.
    • The analysis, addresses the issue in further detail, extracting the important elements and distilling it into information that you need to know. 
    •  The business impact identifies what you need to do to stay in compliance.  Here, we will make sure that you know exactly what the development requires from you. 

    We can tailor our reports to your specific activities. We aim to tell you exactly what you need to stay in compliance. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

    Various other information in the Enhesa monitoring reports may also be of interest, including a link to the original legislation (wherever possible), the date(s) on which it comes into force, the contact person at the relevant government department, etc.

    Reporting and Distribution

    The Regulatory Monitoring Reports need to actively inform those who should know about the latest developments and should be readily available for those who want to know. As a result ENHESA has developed an information system with a monthly email alert system that brings the information to the attention of the concerned persons, as well as a dedicated website where all information is readily available 24/24h. Monthly email alerts are sent to all employees within a client company who register for it. They receive an email alert with the titles and abstracts of the latest developments with hyperlinks to the full monitoring records for these developments.

    Follow-up Teleconference

    Enhesa also gives the option of a follow-up telephone conference. A monthly or quarterly follow-up data/audio conference is organized between key Enhesa consultants and corporate managers to review the latest regulatory developments, clarify certain issues, discuss the business implications and opportunities, and the best ways to handle these issues.

    Dedicated Website

     The dedicated website is adapted to the needs and specifications of each individual client and can be connected to a client’s intranet. The site comes with:

    • The latest reports in html format (they can be printed, saved or emailed to anyone concerned within the company)
    • A searchable database with the latest and previous records all kept up to date. The database can be searched by words in title, words in summary, country, type of regulatory development, adoption date, implementation date, report date, and keywords (see sample search form below). The results of the search can be sorted according to the same criteria in ascending or descending order. In a first step the search results provide an overview of titles, abstracts and deadlines. One can either get the full summary for all records identified or for any selection thereof.
    • Compliance Calendars identifying regulatory deadlines, end of transition periods, the coming into force of new requirements, etc. For each date, there is a sentence identifying what it is about and what needs to be done, the regulatory citation and a link to the monitoring record in the database.
    • An updated list of all EHS legislation per country. In 50% of the countries the list contains links to the full text of the regulation on internet or on the dedicated website. The ENHESA knowledgebase currently already contains more than 6000 regulatory texts.
    • A growing list of interesting hyperlinks per country where further background information is available from official and unofficial sources.
    • A possibility to integrate other services provided by ENHESA to your company, such as audit protocols, compliance checklists, country profiles, or regulatory training manuals. As an option, ENHESA can organize internet sessions for interested persons within the company to train them in using the website and how to find back information quickly and easily.

    Reports in Multiple Languages (optional)

    Enhesa has developed a unique multilingual platform which allows displaying the information in any possible language.  As an additional option, ENHESA can issue the reports in local language or other languages. Reports are currently produced amongst others in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Italian.


    Clients with facility and product market responsibilities use Enhesa’s EHS Regulatory Monitoring Service to inform themselves on how EHS matters are developing and regulated in particular countries with respect to their physical operations and/or the products they market in those countries. It allows corporate managers to make the right decisions with regard to the development of the operations or markets concerned. These Monitoring service also serves as an excellent primer for local facility or marketing managers on the key EHS measures they should be aware of with respect to their activities.

    A Proven Track Record

    Enhesa first introduced its EHS Regulatory Monitoring Reports in 1993. We have continued to update and expand the global coverage of our services ever since. Enhesa Monitoring Reports have been used by hundreds of corporate and facility managers at companies with industrial sites around the globe. Our experience allows us to continually improve our approach to ensure the highest quality and better meet the needs of the user. Enhesa has been providing EHS Regulatory Monitoring for numerous Fortune 500 firms over a period of years enabling them to ensure regulatory compliance and anticipate policy changes. Our Regulatory Monitoring clients include companies with noteworthy international compliance assurance programmes such as Baxter Healthcare, General Electric Company, Graftech, Mattel, Lucent Technologies, Noveon, Agere Systems and Snecma.


     If you are interested in subscribing to our Monitoring Service, feel free to either phone us or to fill in the Enhesa RFQ Form and return it to us by fax. We will come back to you with a quote, although this won't place you under any contractual obligation.

    <> An alternative option is the Enhesa Update

  • Enhesa Regulatory Monitoring Service (Download pdf)