Enhesa Flash

The Enhesa Flash is a complimentary publication that highlights the latest EHS and product related news and regulatory developments around the world. If you would like to receive additional information on any of the developments featured, share feedback, or register to begin receiving The Flash, contact us.

November, 2014
  • Journey to Compliance: 6 Steps to EHS Regulatory Compliance
  • Africa: What's Driving Regulatory Change
  • Legal Compliance Auditing-International Challenges
  • Energy Audit in the EU: The Devil is in the Details
  • Managing EHS Compliance Through Enhesa & CRedit360 Partnership
  • Working at Heights and Fall Protection Regulations Around the World
  • The War on Ozone Depleting Substances is Not Over Yet
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May, 2014
  • London in June: Meeting the Challenge of EHS Risks Globally
  • New Health & Safety Developments in Ontario, Canada
  • The Latest Trends in Global EHS Regulation
  • A View on HSE Management System Integration
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March, 2014
  • Regulating Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Is the Precautionary Principle Still the Driving Force
  • Asia-Pacific Regulatory Outlook 2014: An Update at the EHS&S Management Roundtable
  • Rising Demand for EHS Services: Enhesa is meeting the needs of their clients in Japan
  • Ergonomics: The Impact on Health and Safety
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November, 2013
  • Waste Not, Want Not: Waste Regulation and Enforcement on the Up Around the World
  • Intertwining EHS and Sustainability for Business Growth: EHS Risks are Becoming a Force to Be Reckoned With
  • Costa Rica: Site-Owners Responsible for Soil Concentration Values
  • New York State: A View on Enforcement Leniency
  • Closing the EU Emissions Gap: Urgent Call for Action
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September, 2013
  • The Journey to a Risk Elimination Culture
  • Conflict in the Air: The Near Future of Federalism and U.S. Air Emissions Regulation
  • Intelex and Enhesa Announce Strategic Partnership to Streamline EHS Management
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