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Issue 71 July 2013

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Industrie Pétrolière

Energy has become a top priority for policy makers around the world given the huge dependence of developed countries on energy consumption. Therefore, policies and regulations have continuously been modified looking for a legal framework that best suits the growing energy needs. The growing energy needs have also resulted in growing pressures on the environment. Energy policies and regulations can not be conceived without taking into account the environment. From petroleum exploration and production, over refinement, to distribution and use: each step in the process is increasingly being regulated to protect the environment. The Climate Change challenge has added pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Threats for one actor is a major opportunity for another actor on issues such as carbon capture projects, windmills, or solar energy.

Mapping out what you need to do in which step of the energy sector, and monitoring the related regulatory and policy developments that could impact your operation, are amongst the main services Enhesa provides. The services are used by the leading oil & gas, petroleum, and electricity companies around the world, as well as their suppliers and subcontractors. For more than two decades. Enhesa brings its clients in the energy sector a complete spectrum of Environmental Health and Safety regulatory support services and has built up substantial experience in assisting these companies to ensure a consistent compliance with international and local regulations around world. Enhesa is being called upon to support development of major new petroleum production fields as well as routine operations such as training for subcontractors on maintenance of power lines.

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