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Issue 71 July 2013

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Industrie papetière

There are numerous environmental and occupational health and safety (EHS) issues related to the paper and pulp industry that can have potentially far-reaching impacts not only on the surrounding environment and communities but also on the internal operation of the plants/mills including their productivity, reputability and ultimately profitability and viability. Specific environmental issues arising from the industry relate to the management of wastewater, air emissions, waste generation and noise. In terms of occupational health and safety, issues such as chemical and physical hazards, wood dust, biological agents, heat, confined spaces, noise and radiation deserve special attention. Thesustainability of the resources used for the pulp as well as the extended producer obligations, are amongst the issues that many paper companies have to take care of.

Most, if not all, of the EHS issues mentioned above are regulated in one way or another. Regulations can exist both at national, regional and local level, depending on the country of operation. Standards as well as guidance for best practice are abundant. The consequences of non-compliance with these regulations, standards and guidance can be a defining factor for your business. Are you, as a professional in the paper and pulp industry, absolutely confident that you have your specific EHS issues and the risks associated with those covered? Whether you are filled with hesitation, fairly confident but could do with some additional support or well-established but perhaps looking to boost an existing risk management program or searching for global solutions for an integrated management system, ENHESA may be able to help you. As an EHS consultancy of 20 years experience, in-depth knowledge and an array of proven EHS compliance assurance services, we rank high not only in terms of the type of services we provide and the extent of our global coverage but, most importantly, the quality of our services. Our clients include several of the top 10 forest, paper & packaging products companies.

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