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Issue 71 July 2013

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Translation Service

 Not happy with results from Google Translate, Microsoft Translator or other automated translation tools? If you need professional translations of EHS documents - Enhesa is your expert resource.

Enhesa's EHS Regulatory Translation Service provides clients with translations of foreign EHS legislations and access to Enhesa's services in any language, including English, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Thai, Croatian, Czech and many others.

  • For each translation request, Enhesa will provide you with a quote that includes: the number of words within the submitted document (Source words)
  • the total amount to be invoiced, which is the multiplication of the Source words by the Rate of the given language combination
  • the requested level of quality translations (see below)
  • the expected date of delivery of the translation

ENHESA offers 2 levels of quality translations:

  • Translation Only: Enhesa has established a proven network of translators experienced in translating EHS regulations and related EHS documents. To ensure consistency our resources work with specialized translation memories.
  • Translation with Review by our Consultants: Enhesa also offers the above translation with a review by an Enhesa EHS Regulatory specialist. Such a review provides assurance that the underlying EHS meaning of the translation is accurate.

For further information or a quote, please contact us at