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Issue 71 July 2013

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Enhesa Permit Strategy Services

 Obtaining and complying with the appropriate EHS permits may be essential to the success of any commercial enterprise. Countless projects around the globe have been stopped dead in their tracks because they failed to obtain the appropriate permits. Others have been forced to halt operations or even shutter their facilities for failure to comply with what may have even been the wrong permits! And countless others continue to operate sub-optimally as a result of owners permit conditions that could have been avoided with proper planning.

Enhesa has built up substantial experience in assisting companies operating at global level to identify and acquire the EHS permits they require. We help our clients to know which permits they need, in which country, when they need to apply for them, what conditions they are likely to face, for how long the permit will be valid, what it will entail in terms of fees, etc. Enhesa assists clients in optimizing their EHS permitting process what do they to apply for and how to apply in order to avoid having to obtain additional permits.

Our permitting assistance can start during the early stages of site selection, during construction, commissioning, operations and even during the site closure or transfer. Our support can involve a simple high-level overview of the permits that may be relevant for your existing or planned operations, but we can also go into the details of planning and implementing an effective EHS permitting strategy, such as laying out a roadmap for obtaining the required permits and detailing the various permitting processes and agencies involved. We can also verify whether you have the appropriate permits, either as part of a desk study or via an onsite audit.

Over our many years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and of the technical and systematic procedures applicable to permitting activities, and we have adapted these to the specific needs of each project. This allows us to propose suitable and highly effective solutions.

Thanks to its resident consulting capabilities as well as to the extensive and reliable worldwide network of affiliate consultants Enhesa is able to provide such EHS permitting support services in any country.

a. High level overview of EHS permits requirements

 Our high level overview of EHS permits consist of an easy-to-use tool that identifies all the relevant EHS permits. Our permitting strategies, as well as all the tools we employ, follow a clear thematic approach (air emissions, water management, waste, chemicals, hazardous materials, emergency preparedness, etc.) that is systematic, consistent and comparable with all the client’s facilities around the globe. The tool is designed to assist project managers in understanding, verifying, and following up critical permits that their facilities need throughout the different stages of the project.

With our permitting strategy a program manager is able to easily compare facilities across multiple countries and to keep track of relevant permits required in different countries for the same industrial activity thus facilitating a corporate-wide permitting strategy as opposed to a less efficient case-by-case approach.

b. Third party review and assessment of EHS permitting applications

 Based on our experience and using our permitting strategy tools, Enhesa can review and analyze your EHS permit applications before they are submitted in order to determine, among other issues, the following:

  • Whether or not the application includes all the relevant information required by law;
  • Verify consistency of the current and future conditions and needs of a specific site with the content of the permit application prepared by third party consultants.
  • Review and follow up on communications to and from permitting authorities with respect to the content of a permit application.

This third party review of the permit application is of the utmost importance to minimize the risk of delays in the permitting process due to requests for additional documentation and information from the authorities. Such a review is also intended to minimize the risk of the authorities integrating erroneous or misleading information as well as imposing unreasonable or unattainable requirements within a permit.

This third party review can be tailored to each site specific needs and budgets, varying from a simple regulatory compliance review, to comparison with other relevant documents provided by the client (e.g. audit reports, past permits, sites descriptions, etc., to a full blown assessment of the content of the permit application with the actual situation on site.

c. Assistance to identify and keep track of EHS conditions established in permits

 Once a facility receives a permit from the relevant authority, Enhesa is also able to help management identify the conditions to be complied and, if necessary, define and suggest the actions to be taken to inform the authorities of modifications. Enhesa also supports clients in keeping track of their compliance with permit conditions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Enhesa Global Permitting Strategy Services (Download pdf)