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Our Partners

We partner with some of the best

As the global leader in international EHS regulatory compliance support services, Enhesa has formed strong strategic and commercial relationships with a variety of partner organizations that enable us to provide services to clients in a variety of different formats and scenarios.

Software Platforms

Enhesa is the leading provider of international EHS regulatory content to a number of the world’s foremost EHS Management Information Systems and software providers (such as Enablon, Gensuite, Intelex, ProcessMap, CRedit360, VelocityEHS, EcoWebDesk, and Gutwin). Through our Enhesa XML datafeeds we are able to provide regulatory content, in the form of our EHS compliance audit tools, regulatory tracking and/or reference tools, that dovetail with whatever EHS management software you choose to implement in your organization.

Training Providers

Enhesa provides international EHS regulatory information to select training providers to enhance their international offerings (such as SAMTRAC). The training providers are thereby able to offer tailored learning solutions to their EHS students, covering the regulatory regimes that they operate in.

Other Consultancies

Enhesa works with a number of global EHS & other consulting companies that turn to us for our unparalleled international EHS regulatory coverage. We are able to provide support in terms of audit tools, legal registers and legal update services to companies via the consultancies that they employ to advise them in managing their environmental, health and safety programs.

Facilities and Project Management Companies

Enhesa works closely with some of the world’s biggest FM and PM companies to enable them to provide their clients with management services, safe in the knowledge that they are operating in accordance with all local EHS regulations. At the same time, Enhesa can also offer wider EHS compliance assurance services to the ultimate client, as part of a “Facilities Management Plus” arrangement with the companies in question.

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