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Product Areas of Expertise

Enhesa's coverage includes:

Product Scope, Marketing Conditions, and End-of-Life

Enhesa provides a broad range of client-tailored product services that identify regulatory obligations, forecast new developments, understand market pressures and respond proactively to new demands from customers and consumers.

Product Scope

Design is the key process to creating a new product and one of the most highly regulated steps in Product Management. Thus, Enhesa’s scope is extremely detailed and covers a variety of issues in its analysis. More

Marketing Conditions

The second step of the Product Management process is to consider compliance issues that are vital to product launch on the market. Market Managers are often more focused on the legal obligations that will present market barriers across several jurisdictions. Enhesa’s scope includes market conditions and market facilitation, which involves various compliance issues. More


The End-Of-Life process for Product Management indicates the responsibility producers have at the end of their product’s useful lifetime. A product’s end-of-life can be due to market changes, technological innovation, new developments, or product functionality. Successful companies are those who plan strategies to address their product’s end-of-life environmental impact, and a growing number of jurisdictions now have legal requirements for this step in the product process. More


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