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Audit ScoreCards

The Enhesa Audit ScoreCards contain the most detailed level of coverage we offer and are the global benchmark for international EHS regulatory compliance audit tools. ScoreCards are currently available for over 200 jurisdictions but can be developed for any country/region in the world uponrequest.

Enhesa’s Audit ScoreCards are compiled, supported, and updated by regulatory experts who provide the regulatory content for the tool at both national and state/provincial levels.

How is the service delivered?

The Enhesa Audit ScoreCard content can be delivered in an easy-to-use Excel format.  The Excel ScoreCard includes an audit results dashboard and multiple functionalities to report audit findings. 

As with all Enhesa services, the Audit ScoreCards are delivered via a client specific website, which includes access to Enhesa’s EHS Regulatory Knowledgebase for the relevant jurisdictions and can also be offered in the local language.

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