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Enhesa Auditing Promises

When Enhesa has completed your audits, you will know:

  • What is and is not compliant  
  • The reasons for any non-compliance
  • Whether the problem is a one-time issue or systemic
  • What you need to do to fix it
  • The consequences of inaction
  • The cost to fix it
  • Which issues you need to prioritize
  • Who should take responsibility for getting it fixed and by when

With the help of Enhesa you will be able to:

  • Assure Senior Management and/or the Board that your hazards and risks have been identified and are being managed appropriately
  • Maintain a responsible working relationship with the applicable regulatory and enforcement agencies
  • Compare your facilities to determine if the problems are local or occur across the board
  • Address deficiencies in a cost-effective and clearly prioritized manner
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