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What Kind of Sites Does Enhesa Audit?

Types of Audits:

  • Full scope EHS compliance audits
  • Regulatory support for ISO and EMAS audits
  • Risk-based and media-specific assessments

Enhesa’s experience includes:

  • Managing the audit programme for a Fortune 500 global specialty chemical company covering 26 sites across the globe. Enhesa arranges and delivers all audits on a 2 year cycle and ensures that the corporate team is fully aware of risks on sites across three continents.
  • Developing and implementing a health and safety auditing programme for one of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world.  The programme audits against regulatory requirements and the bank’s own health, safety and security policies. The bank is now able to target countries for investment in health and safety across its branch network to ensure its health and safety ethos is implemented worldwide.
  • Providing regulatory experts to a number of companies carrying out ISO 14001 certification audits. Our regulatory experts assess whether the sites are meeting their legal obligations and work hand-in-hand with the auditors assessing the environmental management system provisions.
  • Carrying out EHS regulatory audits for a company providing nuclear technology to the nuclear electric power industry. Our auditors assess the sites to make sure that the requirements regarding EHS, which are applicable to all industrial sites, are maintained alongside the extremely stringent nuclear obligations. Our relationship with the client since 2009 means that we have been able to make continuous improvement to the programme to ensure it delivers the very best regulatory compliance assurance.
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