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Level 1

EHS Regulatory Foundations

Enhesa’s EHS Regulatory Foundations is the starting point for all Enhesa Compliance services. It contains a comprehensive listing of all applicable EHS legislation, as well as high level requirements listing, for each contracted jurisdiction.

For over 200 jurisdictions around the world, Enhesa is able to provide listings of laws and regulations that are constantly updated. These can provide you with a basis to compile your own legal registers or, more generally, as a valuable and reliable reference resource.

Level Includes
  • Lists of Legislation
  • Regulatory Summaries
  • Original Text Access
  • Regulatory Guides (Optional)

Level 2

Compliance Intelligence

The depth and breadth of Enhesa’s expertise is brought to bear in this suite of EHS compliance requirements intelligence. Not merely a raw data requirements list, the Compliance Intelligence Suite combines our EHS Regulatory Foundations with detailed requirement information to provide premier insight and analysis performed by our global staff of expert analysts.

Enhesa Compliance intelligence provides a comprehensive all-in-one global approach to compliance helping companies to ensure on-going management of EHS regulatory compliance across all facilities whether the corporate level or at the facility level.

Level Includes
  • EHS regulatory foundations (Level 1)
  • Lists of Requirements
  • Enhesa Guidance
  • Required Documents
  • Citations

Compliance Intelligence: What’s Included


When coal, coal gangue, coal cinder, coal ashes or lime is stored in densely inhabited areas, fire and dust prevention measures are taken in order to prevent atmospheric pollution.


When coal, coal gangue, coal cinder, coal ashes or lime is stored without taking any measures for fire and dust prevention in densely inhabited areas, a facility will be ordered to stop illegal acts, make corrections within a given time and be given a warning or be subject to a fine of no more than 50,000 Yuan by the local Environmental Protection Bureau or any of the supervisory and management authorities (e.g. local Public Security Bureau, local Railway Bureau, local Communication Bureau) (APPCL-Art.46-Sect.4).


Air emission monitoring data CITATIONS Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law (Presidential Ordinance No.57 of 5 September 1987, amended on 29 April 2000, Standing Committee of National People´s Congress), Art.31 and Art.46 (in amendment)

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