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How are EU Member States Implementing the New Energy Audit Requirement of Article 8.4 in Directive 2012/27/EC on Energy Efficiency?

Energy Efficiency 30 Jun. 2015 By Paul Olagnier, EHS Compliance & Environmental Services Consultant

Directive 2012/27/EC (Article 8.4) introduced an EU-wide requirement for large companies. The latter will have to carry out an energy audit every four years. The audit must be done by independent qualified or accedited experts. However, large companies which implement a certified energy or environmental management system are exempt from the energy audit obligation.

Why is everyone suddenly so interested in this?

One reason for the rising interest in this new rule probably resides in the closing deadline. Targeted companies will have to carry out the first energy audit by 5 December 2015. Another possible reason is that this novelty will not only impact undertakings in the manufacturing sector, but also companies in commercial and service sectors. The latter two are generally less often hit by environmental rules than the former.

Beyond that, we better understood why our clients seemed to struggle so much with this particular requirement when we dove into the local implementing laws to address our clients' question. The simple question, "Do I have to carry out an energy audit?" had no clear answer. Even more surprising was that no answer would fit the law of all the EU countries. Rules were different in the various countries considered.

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