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Applicable Regulations and Requirements

Every company is different, which means that the regulations and requirements applicable to a given type of operation, and individual location, will very often vary. Enhesa offers various levels of tailoring to ensure that you receive the regulatory coverage that is applicable to your company across all its locations.

Operational Scope

Enhesa's Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster services follow a standardized thematic structure, regardless of the jurisdiction in question (See EHS Areas of Expertise).

A first level of applicability screening takes place at the contractual level through determination of the types of operation undertaken in each of your locations of concern. Enhesa offers three standard EHS regulatory thematic structure “packages” based on the following types of operations:

  • Industrial/Heavy Manufacturing
  • Warehouses/Light Manufacturing/R&D/Datacenters
  • Administrative offices

Applicable Regulations & Requirements

Through responding to Enhesa’s simple Applicability Screening Questions, which form part of our Compliance Intelligence service, clients can filter out irrelevant regulations and associated requirements. This allows the creation of jurisdictional or site-specific legal registers.
Enhesa's Expert Support Service team can also provide applicability screening support.

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