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This module covers all the critical issues surrounding chemicals classification, labeling, packaging and testing (GHS and REACH), as well as marketing restrictions and prohibitions of specific chemicals. This includes coverage of safety data sheets and import/export restrictions.

Topic Areas Include:

New and Existing Chemicals Classification/Notification: Provides an overview of the risk assessment criteria for both new and existing chemicals, details how chemicals are classified, and notes the anti-poison center in the country and any applicable reporting requirements.

Packaging & Labeling:  Provides an overview of both packaging and labelling requirements that apply to chemicals being placed on the market.

Use and Marketing Restrictions/Prohibitions: Provides an overview of the restrictions on using chemicals or placing chemicals on the market.

Material Safety Data Sheets:  Provides an overview of who is required to provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS), when it must be provided, what must be covered and when they must be updated.

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