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General Environment

Under this heading we cover issues relating to general environmental obligations such as duty of care, permits, environmental taxes and fees, and soil protection. 

Topic Areas Include:

General Environmental Duties: Provides an overview on duty of care, responsible persons, liability/insurance, corporate reporting, site transfer, audits.

Permits and Licenses:  Provides an overview of the permits, licenses, authorizations that may be required.

Release Reporting/Emissions Reporting: Provides an overview of what type of industrial facilities need to measure and report their emissions (to air, water, land), type of emissions covered by the reporting obligations, how many facilities are covered by the reporting, notes specific forms that need to be used as well as if reporting information is made available on the internet.

Soil/Groundwater Contamination: Provides an overview of how soil and groundwater contamination are regulated and dealt with in the country.

Nature Protection: Provides an overview of regulations that focus on nature protection, with no direct impact on industrial operations (e.g. hunting, whaling, etc), including biodiversity regulations (including lists of protected species, protected areas and a list of invasive/exotic species)

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