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Occupational Health

In terms of Occupational Health, the Enhesa module covers all aspects of health surveillance, first aid, illness/accident reporting and recordkeeping as well as issues regarding workplace layout and installation (ergonomics, worker space and comfort). The module also covered all workplace exposure issues (noise, chemicals, physical agents and radiation).

Topics Covered Include:

Medical Surveillance: Provides an overview of who needs to undergo medical surveillance, when and how often.

First Aid Provisions: Provides an overview of the training requirements for providing First Aid as well as the requirements for providing First Aid at a site/facility.

Accident/Illness Investigation, Record keeping and Reporting:  Provides an overview on accident/illness investigation, focusing on accident insurance, accident/illness record keeping  as well as reporting.

General Workplace Requirements:  Provides an overview of general workplace requirements for various areas including, ventilation, temperature, lighting, sanitary provisions, drinking water, rest areas, workplace violence, pestering, harassment and workplace stress.

Ergonomics:  Provides a general overview of the ergonomic requirements for workplaces, as well as the requirements for using visual screen equipment in the workplace, manual handling of loads and back injury prevention.

Exposure Limits and Protection: Provides an overview of the requirements for risk assessment, protection measures, training and workplace measurements for chemical agents used in the workplace as well as with working /exposure to carcinogens, noise, biological agents, vibrations, UV reactive materials, asbestos, lead and radon.

Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Radiation:  Provides an overview of the requirements relating to the control of exposure to radiation arising from the use of radioactive materials and radiation generators as well as the controls required to be in place to prevent exposure to non-ionizing radiation equipment such as lasers, microwave and radio frequency generators.


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