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The safety module covers all the legal requirements concerning general health and safety issues that form the basis of all H&S management, such as duty of care, risk assessments, action plans, H&S committees and personnel, training, signage, regulations protecting certain classes of employees and issues related to contractors and construction activities.

Topic Areas Include:

Duty of Care/General Protection:  Provides an overview of the general duty of care for the employer to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, as well as general injury prevention requirements, legal obligations to employ/use/contract/appoint responsible/competent persons or registered experts for certain activities, and specifics regarding Works Councils and H&S committees.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management Programs: Provides an overview of risk assessment requirements, including whether a company has to carry out a formal risk assessment, when risk assessments have to be updated, who can carry out a risk assessment, required documentation, as well as record keeping and reporting obligations.

Information, Communication and Training: Provides an overview of safety training obligations and health and safety signage requirements.

Protected Classes of Employees: Provides an overview of employer obligations in regards to protected classes of employees, including young workers, pregnant and breastfeeding workers, temporary workers, night workers, home workers, lone workers and disabled people.

On-site Contractors and Construction Activities:  Provides an overview of specific rules that apply to site contractors as well as obligations pertaining to safety at construction sites.

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