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This module covers issues related to general waste management (policies, permits, recordkeeping), but also issues related to waste shipments and disposal operations. Covering both non-hazardous and hazardous wastes, this module also covers specific waste streams that are often regulated separately. International waste issues and issues impacting waste contractors are also covered.

Topic Areas Include:

General Waste Generation: Provides an overview of the general waste policy, waste definition and classification, waste permit/license requirements, national waste shipment requirements, waste disposal obligations, waste record-keeping and reporting criteria, as well as packaging waste—including take-back and recycle obligations.

Hazardous/Special Waste Generation: Provides an overview of the requirements that apply to generators and holders of hazardous waste.

International Waste Shipment: Provides an overview of the regulations and policies that apply to the international shipments of waste.

Waste Disposal/Contractors: Provides an overview of the requirements that apply to companies who are also carrying out waste collection, transport, treatment and landfill, as well as covers the requirements that apply to companies that dispose of their own waste on their own landfill site or which incinerate some of their waste on-site. Other areas covered under this module include, permit and record-keeping requirements for waste collectors, waste transporters, waste treatment sites, and waste landfills as well as the obligations companies must meet in regards to the incineration or co-incineration of waste.

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