CHWMEG Global Outreach Meeting: Business Sustainability and China Environmental Regulation Updates

May 31, 2016
Shanghai , China

The program will include valuable information concerning general corporate/enterprise waste stewardship and waste/recycling vendor management programs as presented by Mr. Jeff Sacre – Executive Director of CHWMEG, Inc. and Mr. David Chng – CHWMEG’s Director of Asia-Pacific/Oceania.  As part of the program, CHWMEG is pleased to include Ms. Ellen Zhang of Enhesa, who will provide an update on recent environmental regulations in China and more broadly, regulatory developments and trends in Asia.  Ms. CarolAnn Maslanka of AECOM will also contribute valuable information concerning the conduct of vendor reviews/audits, and how that information can be used by recipients of that information to help manage their vendors such that their “polluter pays” liabilities are managed and can be minimized. Register here