This publication is an extension of Enhesa's 2018 Global EHS Regulatory Forecast webinar held in February 2018.

Be prepared with a better understanding of what to expect worldwide this year. We rely on the expertise of our in-house team of 75+ consultants, from 40+ countries, who monitor EHS and product-related regulatory developments in 285+ jurisdictions around the world. The forecast will analyze the global regulatory climate, identify key EHS trends and their business impact on industry in 2018.

Based on our unique and extensive database of reports monitoring upcoming regulatory and policy developments and our conducting of compliance assessments throughout the world, this complimentary publication will:

• Examine recent global EHS regulatory growth
• Discuss EHS areas that are currently the most challenging for companies in terms of compliance
• Explore current and emerging laws, regulations, standards and industry initiatives in each region of the world
• Highlight the latest enforcement cases and what this means for your business
• Offer best practices to ensuring EHS regulatory compliance