Every month Enhesa's EHS Regulatory Analysts are providing our clients with detailed insights into new or proposed laws, policy developments, enforcement cases and background news around environment, health and safety topics impacting operations and products. The Regulatory Forecaster service is a paying service, sold by jurisdiction, which allows the world’s largest companies to keep track, stay on top of, and incorporate regulatory changes into their business processes and corporate strategy. As part of the service we provide a clear analysis of the regulatory or policy development in question, the background to it, the key dates and requirements that may result, and an indication of the impact on your specific business.

Since we started providing this service, we have written over 50,000 reports for over 270 jurisdictions around the world. At the current pace of regulatory change, we are updating or adding approximately 400 to 500 reports to our database every month. These reports are translated into 30+ languages.

To highlight the scope of our coverage, we provide brief abstracts (in English) of some of the key reports we write via, the Enhesa bi-monthly Flash newsletter and twice-weekly, via the following LinkedIn Groups:

So, if you would like to have a broad overview of some of the topics we are covering please feel free to sign up to both!

The LinkedIn Groups also give you the opportunity to comment, ask questions and interact with your peers. All members are EHS professionals with multi-country responsibility.

Enhesa's EHS Regulatory Forecaster (formally known as EHS Monitoring- contact us for a demo) service allows companies to keep track of emerging regulatory issues (laws, proposals, policies), per jurisdiction. They receive monthly reports with detailed analysis of up-and-coming issues.

The service is used by Corporate, Regional or Country EHS Departments within global organizations to receive early-warning of new laws and policies that can impact their business.

The Regulatory Forecaster Service includes the following elements:

  • Regulatory Foundations – A list of all EHS laws within your contracted scope, with consolidated summaries of each law and access to the full, original legal text.
  • Monthly email alerts on reports published in the previous month, which each user can tailor by jurisdiction (s) and by thematic topic (s). 
  • Enhesa Business Impact Analysis – a company-specific analysis of steps you might need to take.
  • Issue Manager to assign reports within your team and manage follow-up actions.
  • Optional additional support is provided through Enhesa's Expert Support Services.