Meet Albert and the Enhesa Finance Team



Enhesa is a multi-national, multi-cultural company that helps global companies be aware of and stay in compliance with environmental, health and safety laws. Enhesa provides its services thanks in large part to its in-house team of EHS regulatory analysts – based across our 3 corporate offices. However, in the glamorous world of EHS regulatory analysis, we can sometimes forget the power behind the throne – the support functions that have helped Enhesa to become the global market leader. For that reason, in this latest edition of our series focusing on the Enhesa team, we felt it was time for us to turn our Spotlight on our Finance team. Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, we are somehow all fascinated by finance departments (or maybe we just don’t know it yet!). Luckily this edition will not disappoint as our colleague Albert unveils the most exciting secrets in finance and tells us everything about the Enhesa finance team!


Albert Nersossian - Born on 4 September 1991 in Isfahan, Iran.


When did you join Enhesa?

I started on 28 January 2015 on a fixed term contract, which eventually became an open-ended contract.

(A precise date from a Finance guy, as you would expect).


What is your position at Enhesa?

I am an Accountant in the finance department, based out of our Brussels office.  

The Enhesa finance department is divided into two teams that report to our CFO, Nathalie. The data management team, William and Geert, are responsible for billing and payment. They are in charge of all of the upstream work leading up to the conclusion of contracts, as well as client payments.

The second team is the accounting team, which is comprised of my colleague Enis and myself. Our work mainly consists of bookkeeping (booking and paying invoices) and analysis of accounts (checking the state of payments for Enhesa S.A.). We also prepare monthly closing and annual reports. For example, I was responsible for completing the 2015 financial statement for Enhesa S.A.


What languages do you speak?

I speak English, French, Dutch, Armenian, and a bit of Russian. At work I mainly use English and French. Enhesa has an office in Brussels, which is a very international city,  and has employees from over 40 different countries. This is great because I get to use my languages a lot!


What are your hobbies?

In my free time, I like to play indoor football, go to the gym and read up on a multitude of fiscal and accounting topics (finance is truly a passion of mine!).


What did you study?

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Taxes from College Lucia de Brouckere (Campus CERIA) in Brussels. I specialized in civil and tax law, general accounting, and international tax law. My daily work is directly related to my studies.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a firefighter, my passion for accounting came later in life!


What is it like working on such an international team?

The fact that Enhesa is such an international organization is part of what makes it a special place to work. On the finance team there are as many nationalities as team members! William is Canadian and British, Geert is Belgian (first) and Australian, Enis is Albanian and Nathalie and I are Belgian.

I really enjoy working in such a multi-national team. Collaborating every day with people coming from different countries is very enriching. My work is never monotonous because I am always adapting and learning to work with others from different backgrounds and nationalities. I cannot see myself working in any other environment!


Enhesa's Company Values are Client Focus, Team Spirit, Transparency and Passion. Which of the Enhesa values apply the most to your daily work?

Transparency is a core principle in finance. In finance, every payment or allocation needs a signature/approval. The work can only be carried out following strict procedures, every step we take needs to be completely transparent. Additionally, external auditors check compliance with the internal processes based on Belgian law.

I appreciate the fact that transparency is one of our company values and that Enhesa and our employees embody this value in everything we do. Being informed about our company strategy and our future makes me feel like I am a valuable part of this team. I think that our transparency builds trust.

Team Spirit is an important value on the finance’s team daily work. We all have different individual roles and tasks, yet we work as a team to acheive a common goal. This requires lots of communication and colalboration. For example, both data management and accounting teams work on the reporting to our share-holder, Waterland.

Client Focus is also a key value when working for multinational companies, this requires a lot of flexibility. We invoice clients in about 40 different countries with different national rules, for example on VAT. These differences can make invoicing very complicated depending on the type of service we sell, especially EHS regulatory compliance audits and specific projects.


Has anything changed for your role since Enhesa attracted growth investment from Waterland?

The way we report on our activity has changed since the growth investment from Waterland. We do not only report on activity but we also do a “pipeline reporting”, which is a reporting on what is likely to happen. “Pipeline Reporting” will improve visibility.

Overall, our collaboration with Waterland is extremely exciting as they have ambitious goals to grow and expand our company inorder to further establish Enhesa as the global market leader!


Do you have a memorable or amusing story from working at Enhesa you would like to share?

I once got stuck in our office garage until 2:00am! That day I was working late and was the last one to leave the office. I went to the garage to fetch my car and could not get out again because my remote control was not working and the door could not be opened from the inside of the garage! I had to call a colleague who luckily was able to reach a technician (and feed me pizza under the door). Finally, I was freed after several hours of waiting!