1. Question: What is Enhesa’s Expert Support Services (ESS)?

ESS is a dedicated in-house team of Enhesa’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) industry experts. Our ESS experts support clients by helping them use our regulatory compliance products effectively and providing tailored guidance for the EHS challenges that they face on a global scale.


2. Question: What are the Services Offered?

ESS helps clients track regulatory developments by conducting forecaster review calls, specific to the needs of the particular client. During the call, ESS experts explain relevant developments from the latest Regulatory Forecaster [link to webpage] reports. Clients can ask questions, discuss business impacts and receive guidance on how to plan for the future.

In addition, ESS helps clients narrow down the universe of potentially applicable EHS requirements by offering applicability screening support pursuant to our Compliance Intelligence [link to webpage] product. ESS experts assist with facility profiling, answering applicability questions, necessary training and even onsite workshops.


3. Question: What is the “Value Add” from ESS?

ESS allows Enhesa clients to save time and resources during the initial rollout of our products and it facilitates site-level adoption at various facilities around the globe. ESS clients receive personalized and tailored support specific to their operations from our experts.


4. Question: Which Industry Sectors Do We Work With?

Enhesa works with the Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Defense industries.


5. Question: How Can I Learn More?

Contact us to Learn More!