The Enhesa Exchange 13-14 June 2022

The Enhesa Exchange: here for you

In Amsterdam, In person. Get in on this exclusive opportunity to connect with your peers on compliance trends.

While you are visiting the lively Chemical Watch Expo, please feel invited to jump in on one of the Enhesa Exchange sessions. Check out the agenda below, and plan your schedule ahead. For registrations, we kindly invite you to book your seat via the Chemical Watch Expo website.

Your compliance connection

Workshops on ISO certification ESG & sustainability reporting, product compliance, chemical management – and how operations compliance comes together with them all. On top, solution sneak-peeks, demos, and many moments to exchange insights with your peers… We’re excited to once again present The Enhesa Exchange: the ultimate opportunity to connect directly with our compliance community. But we’ll be even more excited if you join us there.

Not your everyday exchange

The Enhesa Exchange is more than just “give and take” – it’s about getting the most out of your EHS efforts and investments. It’s firsthand, peer-to-peer insights. It’s insider tips and techniques for facing today’s challenges. It’s your chance to discover your next steps in finetuning and improving your operations compliance.

If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe. Let us help you sharpen your axe at the Enhesa Exchange.

Peter Schramme CEO, Enhesa

Why attend?

  • Join the conversation about staying sustainable in the future of regulatory compliance 
  • Connect with and learn from your peers and top regulatory professionals 
  • Learn how to gain even more benefits from Enhesa services and new features
  • Check out what’s happening in chemical management at the adjoining Chemical Watch Expo 
  • Discover insider insights into optimizing your operations compliance 

Key speakers:

Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson, AkzoNobel

HSE&S Compliance and Product Stewardship Program Manager

Dries Van Herzele

Dries Van Herzele, CommScope

Corporate EHS Manager – Compliance – Occupational Health Physician

Kostas Papanagiotou

Kostas Papanagiotou, Royal Philips

Senior Health and Safety Program Manager


Peter Schramme

Peter Schramme

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Alloin

Carl Alloin

Chief Commercial Officer

Linda Perry

Linda Perry

Head of Account Management

Elizabeth Murry

Elizabeth Murry

Director of Product and Programs at Scivera

Louise Osborne

Louise Osborne

Global Head of Sales at Chemical Watch

Andy Giffen

Andy Giffen

Head of Product Management

Mary Foley

Mary Foley

Expert Services Strategy Director

The agenda

This is your time to exchange insights and experiences with peers and other EHS professionals – and we’ve built in time so you can do just that. Every session in our agenda includes dedicated time for your questions and open discussions – plus, there will be focused networking opportunities throughout the 2 days including time to visit and meet other professionals at the Chemical Watch Expo.  

Monday 13 June

09:30 – Registration
Please onboard and have your Monday morning coffee with us!
10:00 – Welcome plenary session within the Expo
Opening word at the Chemical Watch x Enhesa Exchange – by Peter Schramme, CEO Enhesa.
10:30 – Mix & mingle
Meet and greet fellow Enhesa clients in these quick direct-connect rounds.
11:00 – The Enhesa strategy
360° sustainability: The future of regulatory compliance and sustainable business – and how to get in front of it. Hear our vision for making a better impact on the environment, health, and safety at every step: operational compliance (Enhesa), product compliance (Chemical Watch) and sustainable chemistry (Scivera) — by Peter Schramme (CEO at Enhesa), Carl Alloin (Chief Commercial Officer at Enhesa), Louise Osborne (Global Head of Sales at Chemical Watch) and Lori Bestervelt (Global Operational Lead at Scivera).
12:00 – The Enhesa product roadmap
Discover the newest developments in our services portfolio. Get a firsthand sneak-peek at what’s new and what’s coming down the road — by Andy Giffen, Head of Product Management at Enhesa.
13:00 – Lunch
Lunch buffet at the heart of the Chemical Watch Expo
14:00 – Enhesa Exchange on ISO
When EHS data strengthens your ISO certification process ISO Certification is important for so many reasons. Having the ability to manage and evidence your EHS compliance obligations builds trust with all of your stakeholders. Understand how best to use this information while at the same time learning from your peers’ presentations of experiences and approaches. Client speakers: Julia Jackson, HSE&S Compliance and Product Stewardship Program Manager at AkzoNobel; and Dries Van Herzele, Corporate EHS Manager – Compliance – Occupational Health Physician at CommScope. Moderated by Mary Foley, Expert Services Strategy Director at Enhesa.
15:00 – Refreshments
Stretch legs and refresh.
15:30 – Enhesa Exchange on ESG and corporate sustainability reporting
ESG/ Sustainability Corporate Reporting is set to become mandatory. Understand the timelines and the requirements and discover how best to reuse the EHS compliance information you already have. Plus, hear from and learn from your peers and how they are responding to these imminent obligations. Client speaker: Kostas Papanagiotou, Senior Health and Safety Program Manager at Royal Philips. Moderated by Mary Foley, Expert Services Strategy Director at Enhesa.
All day – Chemical Watch Expo
Expand your network and knowledge in product regulatory compliance. Take a spin around the Chemical Watch Expo, addressing key developments in chemicals management and regulations across the globe – with a special focus on REACH. Our event is happening right at the heart of this expo – feel free to pop into its sessions.

Tuesday 14 June

Enhesa Exchange program
From 09:30 to 14:00 – please stay around and visit more at the Chemical Watch Expo.
09:30 – The Green Deal & the future of compliance in the European Union
The EU has published a plan to become the first climate-neutral continent, by 2050 and transition the economy to a sustainable model. One of the main pillars of the EU Green Deal is changing how the EU handles chemicals, wherein chemical safety becomes the foundation of any sustainability plan and crucial for business to retain access to the EU market. During this session, we’ll review the Green Deal and how to prepare for the transition in your business specifically related to chemical sustainability — by Lori Bestervelt, Global Operational Lead at Sciveraa
10:30 – Coffee break
Happy morning coffee
11:00 – Demo Regulatory Guides
Regulatory Guides: See firsthand how these reference guides quickly get you up-to-speed on country-specific Environmental, Health and Safety laws. Key for audit prep, kickstarting your company policies and corporate standards, not to mention onboarding new team members.
11:30- Demo: ISO solution
ISO & streamlining the way you show compliance Demonstrate compliance – in fewer steps. See how our new ISO solution builds on the work you’re already doing for a better way to capture and show evidence of your compliance knowledge and efforts.
12:15 – Demo: ESG reporting
So many frameworks. So much guidance. What do you actually need to know to meet the future proposed mandated requirements?  How to find the best practices for the various elements related to Environmental, Social and Governance topics such as Climate Change, Human Rights and Anti-corruption and how to leverage what you already do? Discover how other companies are approaching this and how they are using Enhesa’s knowledge and insight to support them.
13:00 – Lunch
Lunch buffet at the heart of the Chemical Watch Expo
All day – Chemical Watch Expo
The Enhesa Exchange is taking place right at the heart of Chemical Watch Expo, an informative and lively event bringing together the regulatory community – addressing key developments in chemicals management and regulations across the globe – with a special focus on REACH. An exclusive opportunity for you to connect! Feel free to jump on and off to visit the Expo and its sessions.

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