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Client Services: Our Global Support is your Global Success

The Client Services team is in daily contact with our clients to troubleshoot issues, answer questions, provide support and training, and renew your services. Sometimes it's helpful to know who is contacting you from around the world. 

Noemie Morilla is the newest member of our team and is based in our Brussels office. As a Client Services Coordinator, She presents Enhesa Academy, client trainings, and provides support to our users based in Europe and Spanish speaking countries.

Christian Schwensen and Kaitlyn Shields are Client Service Coordinators in our Washington DC office. They regularly host Enhesa Academy, dedicated trainings, new product testing, and focus on global support for all clients.

Min Kho is a Representative based in our new Tokyo office, and provides client and regulatory support to our Japanese users. 

Ellen Zhang has long been a member of the Enhesa team but now serves as a Client Services Manager for the Asia Pac region. She is based in Shanghai. 

Amy Cole joined Enhesa in 2015 as a Corporate Renewals Associate in our Washington DC office. She focuses exclusively on contract renewals and account management for existing clients. 

Rachel Degenhardt Karpovich is the Head of Client Services. She focuses her time on global outreach and account management. 

In 2016, we hope to continue to provide exceptional service. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance your global success.  You can reach all of us by contacting

19 February, 2016
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