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Enhesa’s Webinar Series to focus on “The Challenges of Auditing All-Around the World” this March

In this webinar, Dawn Krawczak and Jack Welsch will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the management of global audit programs that goes beyond verifying compliance with regulations and corporate standards to establishing the foundation for sustainability initiatives.

Dawn Krawczak (formerly of Sealed Air) has managed various corporate audit programs and conducted audits in locations all around the world using Enhesa's Audit tools. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the linguistic, cultural and regulatory challenges auditors face. Jack Welsch lead Enhesa's U.S. Audit team for a number of years, conducting audits at sites across a large variety of industry sectors in different parts of the Americas. Prior to taking that role, Jack managed Enhesa's Audit Protocol service, working to evolve and perfect Enhesa's Audit Protocols to meet the needs of EHS auditors.

Together, these two presenters will provide valuable insight into the workings of, tools used and issues faced by corporate auditors today.

24 March, 2014
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