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Enhesa appoints Beatriz Preto as Head of HR

Enhesa, the leading global content provider for environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulatory compliance, announced Beatriz Preto as its Head of HR.

Beatriz comes to Enhesa with 14 years of experience within HR, her last 6 years as a Human Resources Partner covering Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Russia in the Pharmaceutical industry.

“It’s an absolute honor for me to have the opportunity to join and head the Global HR team at Enhesa,” said Beatriz. “Our main driver this year will be supporting the business strategy through an engaging and attractive employee experience. We are committed to strengthening our values through Leadership, People and Culture. Enhesa has an exceptional mix of dynamics that reflects the new paradigm of polyculturalism and thus offering our organization a strong advantage for continuous growth, development and success!”

She has a Master’s Degree in Social & Human Sciences from Paris Descartes and has focused her HR approach around agile methodologies, human centricity and a strong internal culture.

Welcome Beatriz Preto to the global team.

12 February, 2020
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