2024 Global Outlook: your EHS and sustainability trends mid-year forecast


An examination of major EHS and sustainability trends and changes from early 2024, to help refine your strategy and goals for the coming months. 

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See how climate change and emissions targets are impacting compliance requirements and business operations


Explore the latest chemical management requirements surrounding manufacture, use, and placing on the market


Learn about recent developments in worker health and safety regulations covering mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing

The first half of 2024 has already seen a substantial number of changes to global regulations impacting businesses. In this webinar, our experts will discuss the most impactful regulatory updates and new regulations, and examine how these changes will influence the decisions businesses must make to support future operational resilience. 

Watch the webinar as we explore some of the most significant areas affected — climate change and air emissions, chemical management, and worker health and safety.

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Climate change and air emissions

  • Understand the implications of regulatory directives, such as the Revised Industrial Emissions Directive, and the revised Regulation on reporting environmental data from industrial installations 
  • Explore sustainability practice strategies across industrial operations to meet regulatory requirements, including those in the Statutory Order (S.O.) 4617 (E) 
  • Learn how to align energy efficiency initiatives with broader sustainability goals, driving both environmental and economic benefits for your organization 
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Chemical management

  • Stay informed about the latest regulatory developments and impacts on industrial practices, including regulations for PFAS, fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gas), and ozone depleting substances (ODS)  
  • Address challenges and opportunities associated with the industrial use of plastics, including strategies for responsible management and reduction 
  • Learn the newest chemical management requirements to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and promote environmental sustainability within your organization
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Worker health and safety

  • Understand the implications of occupational exposure to hazardous and reprotoxic substances such as lead and diisocyanates, exploring associated risks and strategies for compliance and employee safeguarding 
  • Explore the health and safety implications of remote work and mental health 
  • Learn requirements for appropriate accommodations to support pregnant employees, address sexual harassment, and protect workers from heat-related illnesses in line with occupational health and safety guidelines


Headshot – Beatriz García Fernández Viagas

Beatriz García Fernández-Viagas

EHS & Sustainability Expert

Yangyang Geng

Yangyang Geng

Regional Expert

Lauren Payne

Lauren Payne

EHS Regulatory Consultant

Arnas Acas

Arnas Acas

Senior Team Lead

2024 will see increasing regulatory change. Our global experts will provide you with a legislative forecast to help navigate the challenges ahead.

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Maintaining compliance in this fast-paced regulatory landscape is no easy feat. 

At Enhesa, our experts help you find ways to master your regulatory compliance strategy based on the newest EHS and sustainability trends since the start of 2024, including: 

  • Climate change and stricter air emission reduction targets 
  • Chemical management, including the newest requirements on the manufacture, use, and placing on the market of chemicals 
  • Protection of workers, from mental health and sexual harassment to heat-related illness and working hours for minors 

Get all the latest insights at our 2024 mid-year forecaster webinar.