Identifying and prioritizing chemicals to phase out of your business

There’s a science behind making the right choice about safer, greener chemicals for your products and processes – and we’re sharing an insider’s look at the most efficient way to make it a reality in your business. Join us to see how you can skip the guesswork (and the extra work) with the fastest and easiest way to proactive chemical hazard assessment.

This webinar took place on Friday, 21 June 2024 and is now available as an on-demand recording.

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Understand the impact of the chemicals you’re using today

Dive into what’s needed for a truly dependable chemical assessment

Discover the keys to ranking problematic chemicals

What’s in it for you?

When you need to decide which chemicals to keep and which to phase out: Are you aware of all the potential hazards in the chemicals you use? Do you understand their toxicological impact? Are you assessing relevant criteria beyond what is currently regulated? How are you prioritizing the phase out of problematic chemicals?

Find out how many companies were able to address these issues and become confident in their chemical assessment process. You’re invited to join us for a first-hand look at chemical evaluation made easy. Save time and resources as you explore the right chemicals for your business.

Join this webinar to:

  • Best practices in prioritizing chemicals used by companies like yours
  • How they (and you) can instantly identify problematic chemicals
  • Screen chemicals against 500+ regulatory, authoritative, and advisory lists in one click
  • Easily look up assessment results for over 300,000 CAS RNs – individually or by bulk
  • View hazard information at a glance in an intuitive dashboard

Plus – ask our speakers your specific questions in our live Q&A!

Webinar speakers

Betsy Murry

Betsy Murry

Director Product and Programs
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

Betsy is the Director of Products and Programs for Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry. Over the past 7+ years, Betsy has worked with our clients across the supply chain to support implementation of our sustainable chemistry solutions, advise on supply chain engagement, and best practices. This information and feedback from our customers has been invaluable in the development and improvement of our Sustainable Chemistry solutions. Coming from a background in the education space and in various start ups, Betsy is great at navigating and simplifying challenging problems and finding workable and scalable solutions both internally and externally.

Mike Bjork

Mike Bjork

Sales Director
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

Since joining Enhesa in 2023, Mike has curated strong relationships with multinational companies spanning dozens of verticals, all with unique perspectives on sustainable chemistry. He is a trusted advisor who collaborates closely with internal and external stakeholders to create synergy across numerous departments. Because of his diverse years of experience in supply chain, logistics, and eCommerce, Mike has developed the innate ability support companies in solving some of their most complex challenges.

“Hazard screening and assessment take a long time. Chemical Assess provides an expedited way to access the hazard assessment that is very thorough. And the functionality sells itself. If you know just a little bit about how to approach hazard assessments you would see that it saves you time.”

Senior Toxicologist, Global Product Safety Beautycounter

Discover the fastest and easiest way to make better chemical choices

Chemical Assess makes list screening and chemical hazard assessment information more intuitive and more accessible – whether it be for toxicologists who need to find some efficiencies in their work, companies who are outsourcing toxicology work and want some more insight, teams who are just starting their chemical assessment journey, users who need simpler list screening tools, or product developers who want to ensure they are choosing safer chemicals.

Save time and money and make more informed, confident decisions with a more complete view of your chemicals across:

  • 500+ regulatory and advisory lists
  • 300,000 CAS RNs
  • 4500+ verified CHAs
  • 23 hazard endpoints

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