Product Compliance Corner: How to spot hidden or emerging issues for your products

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The first webcast in the Product Compliance Corner series will center around the challenges of being able to predict the next emerging issues for your products through examination of a product’s functionalities.

  • Challenges from products evolving into unexpected product regulatory areas
  • How to avoid blind spots and predict the emerging issue for your products
  • Examples of different approaches our experts have observed and implemented.

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How to spot hidden or emerging issues for your products

Watch Enhesa regulatory experts – Nidia Calvo, Nhat Nguyen and Stacey Bowers – discuss how they help customers navigating and predicting the next challenge facing different industry and sectors.  These experts from the Product Intelligence team share different case studies, challenges, issues that they have observed and/or solved for various customers to stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

Drawing from their cumulative experience of several decades in regulatory compliance, our experts impart tips, and advice for product stewardship and compliance professionals on analysing products functionalities and mapping them to the regulatory requirements while avoiding blind spots and shine spotlights on the next emerging issue.

Product Compliance Corner is a series of webinars aimed to discuss various issues relating to product compliance and product stewardship.

View the recording here


Stacey Bowers

Global Product Compliance Manager, Enhesa Product Intelligence

Nidia Calvo

Americas Managing Analyst

Nhat Nguyen

Chief Analyst