Understand how your supply chain contributes to PFAS in your products

An overview of how to meet new PFAS regulatory challenges by building chemical transparency in your supply chain with Jillian Stacy, Business Manager, Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry. 


Understand the current PFAS regulatory landscape


Gain insight into the challenges faced in removing PFAS from products and process


Learn the step-by-step process for supplier engagement

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover new and current PFAS regulations 
  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of supply chain transparency 
  • Realize the challenges faced when trying to build chemical transparency in your supply chain 
  • Learn how to successfully engage suppliers around PFAS removal 
  • Figure out an engagement plan that will work for your company 


Jillian Bernstein

Jillian Stacy

Business Manager, Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry 

Jillian currently leads Enhesa’s Sustainable Chemistry business unit made up of SciveraLENS® and ToxPlanet. The Sustainable Chemistry business focuses on helping companies make safer, more sustainable chemical choices for their products and processes with solutions that help identify potentially hazardous chemicals and allow companies to take action to protect people, the environment, and their brand. 

Watch the webinar recording

This workshop from the Chemical Watch 5th Global PFAS Conference focuses on the importance of supply chain engagement when tracing PFAS. Uncover how PFAS is affecting more than the products team at your company but also Operations/Production, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Legal, and others.  

Watch to learn how PFAS is impacting your entire business. 

  • Understanding the PFAS regulatory landscape 
  • Challenges faced when trying to build supply chain transparency
  • Step-by-step process for building chemical transparency in your supply chain 

Plus, hear about where we’ve seen success and where companies struggle, as well as some best practices for engaging with suppliers throughout the supply chain. 

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