Eliminating PFAS through increased supplier engagement

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Join our expert speakers to learn how to safeguard your business with increased supplier engagement and chemical transparency. We’ll share best practices for assessing supplier formulations and mitigating risks such as PFAS, that may be hidden in your supply chain.

Tuesday, 30 July 2024
10 :00 AM EDT / 16 :00 PM CET

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What’s in it for you?

Learn how to engage meaningfully with your suppliers with solutions for tackling the big challenges and the drivers for supply chain transparency, which include bans on PFAS, and compliance to forthcoming European Green Deal regulations.

We’ll share proven strategies for engaging suppliers and increasing compliance with new and changing regulations. We’ll show you the tools that will enhance your sustainability reporting and mitigate the many risks of hidden hazardous substances.

Join us for:

  • Insights into regulatory drivers and their impact on PFAS management
  • Practical strategies for engaging suppliers for transparency regarding PFAS  and other substances of concern
  • Real-life case studies on successful PFAS risk mitigation
  • The most effective ways your teams can source supplier ingredient and substance information

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Supply chain transparency starts here

We explain the best methods to engage with your suppliers to ensure sustainability

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Webinar speakers

Jillian Stacy

Jillian Stacy

Business Manager
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

Jillian Stacy has been with the Enhesa team since 2014, and now leads Enhesa’s Sustainable Chemistry business unit. Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry focuses on helping companies make safer, more sustainable chemical choices for their products and processes.

Nina Janjetovic

Nina Janjetovic

ESS Manager
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

Ever since joining Enhesa in 2018, Nina has worked with clients from various sectors helping them achieve their environmental and sustainability goals. Having a legal background, Nina is able to provide that mix of business and law and offer tailor-made solutions for companies on the path to sustainable chemistry. In this regard, Nina works closely with our clients across the supply chain, helping improve communication and transparency, bringing sustainable solutions and improved processes.

“66% of respondents agreed that their biggest challenge in supply chain transparency is that suppliers do not respond to requests for information.”

Poll conducted by Enhesa

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We explain the best methods to engage with your suppliers to ensure sustainability

To achieve your sustainability initiatives and make sure your products and processes are safe, your teams need a clear and complete understanding of the chemicals that are used in your supply chain. We have an easy way to do this effectively without compromising your supplier relationships, as their proprietary information is protected.

With concerns around PFAS, the toxic chemicals being found in everyday products, growing across the global market, there has never been a more urgent need to be careful and proactive with chemical management.

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  • Empower your teams to assess suppliers’ chemicals
  • Ensure your company receives the chemical information it needs
  • Safeguard your business from substances of concern such as PFAS