PFAS in your operations: legislative trends for manufacturers

An industry-based overview of the latest regulations addressing PFAS emissions originating from manufacturing processes, and why reducing them matters.

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What are PFAS and why should you care


Where to find PFAS in your operations and how to address them


What are the regulations today and tomorrow, across the globe

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand the long-term impact of PFAS to people’s health and the environment
  • Learn where to find PFAS in your manufacturing process and why tackling them now is vital
  • Discover how to address PFAS discharges in different manufacturing scenarios
  • Be informed on the current most prominent PFAS legislation around the world
  • Discover relevant non-compliance cases to stay on top of your compliance requirements
  • And more!



Kamelija Milosev

Subject Matter Expert for Chemicals


Paul Olagnier

Global Director of Expert Services

The European Chemicals Agency says that about 4.4m tons of PFAS will end up in the environment over the next 30 years unless action is taken. Our experts can help you navigate the regulatory landscapes and become PFAS compliant at the manufacturing level.

Watch the webinar recording

Act now to avoid the disruptions of tomorrow.

With the public becoming increasingly more conscious of the negative health and environmental effects that PFAS have, it becomes a priority to reduce them in the main manufacturing scenarios such as:

  • Air emissions
  • Water discharges
  • By-product and waste management

Our experts will support you in tackling the most prominent regulatory trends related to PFAS chemicals and staying compliant.
Would you like to know which regulations apply to your industrial sector and region?