Global health and safety trends: APAC ups its regulation

This regulatory wave of expanded chemical safety and labor protection is hitting global health and safety hard. Make sure you’re prepared for impact. 

Download the report: APAC’s key role in global health and safety

As policymakers in APAC strive to keep pace with its thriving labor market, multi-national businesses will need to stay in step. Make sure you’re aligned with the shifting landscape of global health and safety. 

 Learn what’s changing in this region – and what it means for companies – with insights into:  

  • Tougher chemical safety enforcement in South Korea and Japan. 
  • Major expansion of India’s labor protection. 
  • Stronger punishment for accidents in the workplace. 

In 2021, APAC saw more than 2K regulatory developments related to health & safety - kicking off a compliance chain reaction for multi-national businesses