Top 6 EHS and sustainability challenges for companies today

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Companies must realize that EHS is now the keystone of multi-dimensional and interrelated business goals and reporting.


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60% of clients say staying up to date on new and upcoming regulatory developments is their biggest challenge.

Knowledge of legal obligations sits at the core of EHS, and businesses now must also grapple with huge changes in the ESG and sustainability reporting space. 
Due to today’s fast-changing regulatory landscape, and the potential for severe non-compliance penalties, organizations can’t afford to miss, ignore, forget about, or otherwise fail to pay due regard to new developments. 

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48% responded that ESG and sustainability reporting is at the top of their trend radar

EHS is about far more than worker safety and protecting the environment. 

It’s currently helping to lead the way in global ESG and sustainability reporting as regulators around the world pursue the goal of more sustainable business approaches. And organizations are understandably focusing more on the increasing pressure. 

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Organizations across the globe are facing an increasing number of challenges related to rapid growth of EHS, ESG and sustainability requirements – coming from both global and jurisdictional levels.  

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