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Compliance Intelligence

Compliance Intelligence

Enhesa's EHS Regulatory Compliance Intelligence provides clear consolidated summaries of regulations and requirements, per jurisdiction. The Enhesa Compliance Intelligence service allows you to identify the regulations and requirements that are applicable to you and assess compliance against them either through self-assessment or a full audit, and continue to manage on-going compliance through frequent updates that track changes.

The Enhesa Compliance Intelligence can be delivered in one of three ways:

  • As a Datafeed into the compliance or audit modules of one of our EHS Software Partner Platforms
  • As an Excel Audit Scorecard, downloadable from your dedicated Enhesa client website
  • Via the Enhesa Compliance Dashboard on your dedicated Enhesa client website

The Compliance Intelligence Service includes the following elements:

  • Regulatory Foundations – A list of all EHS laws within your contracted scope, with consolidated summaries of each law and access to the full, original legal text
  • Applicability Screening Questions - Filter out irrelevant regulations or requirements
  • Requirements – Clearly phrased compliance questions derived from specific articles of law accompanied by Guide Notes, Regulatory Citations and an indication of Required Documentation
  • Quarterly Updates & Change Notification - Enhesa will update and flag on a regular basis any changes in regulations and requirements and include a brief change note
  • Client Services Training & Support – Receive training and support on the use of Enhesa’s services from our dedicated Client Services team

Optional additional support is provided through Enhesa’s Expert Support Services.

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