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Meet and exceed customer expectations with a certification program that’s right for you.

A clearer path to certification

Maintain and expand your business by meeting customer certification requirements. Whether you’re interested in Screened Chemistry, EIM Chemistry Impact Scores, Nike Innovation Assessments, or another certification program supported by SciveraLENS®, we can help you achieve and maintain your certification. Plus, you can pre-screen your chemicals to identify potential issues ahead of the certification process and prepare for scoring changes as part of your renewal.

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SciveraLENS is a very useful and dynamic tool that helps us to certify our products through the Screened Chemistry program. Without SciveraLENS, the certification process would be much more difficult and expensive. It is a pleasure to work with the team at Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry. Their responsiveness and knowledge make it easy to resolve any difficulties encountered during the certification process.


Share your commitment to safety

In today’s commercial environment, buyers are increasingly conscious of chemical safety. However, greenwashing and dubious claims can make this difficult for buyers to assess. Certification with SciveraLENS is a great way to show your attention to safer chemistry that’s evidence-backed and informed by the latest science.

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EHS Compliance content and support

Screened Chemistry Certification

EHS Compliance content and support

EIM Product Score

EHS Compliance content and support

Nike Innovation Assessments

EHS Compliance content and support

ZDHC MRSL v2.0 Conformance

EHS Compliance content and support

Global Electronics Council EPEAT

EHS Compliance content and support

Labeling of Hazardous Materials Act (LHAMA)

See how SciveraLENS streamlines certification and pre-screening

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Take your next step towards sustainable chemistry

EHS Compliance content and support

ASSESS the hazards in your chemicals

Rapidly identify chemical hazards with on-demand screening against our extensive library, including 450+ RSLs and 4,500+ verified CHAs, developed using our robust GHS+ process.

EHS Compliance content and support

CONNECT with suppliers for better transparency

Identify hidden hazards in your supply chain by confidentially sourcing ingredient information from suppliers, all while protecting their proprietary information.

EHS Compliance content and support

INNOVATE with the best chemicals for the future

Create safer products from the start and make informed R&D decisions with configurable screening tools and dashboards that make it simple to assess and compare chemicals.