The simpler way to make safer chemistry decisions


Make safer, more informed choices with our online screening platform that quickly and easily identifies hazards in your chemicals and your supply chain. 

Get clarity about your chemicals with on-demand screening

SciveraLENS is a secure, cloud-based chemical hazard screening platform that helps you easily identify chemical hazards, understand risk in your supply chain, and ultimately make safer decisions about your chemicals. 

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With SciveraLENS, you can …


Make safer chemical decisions

Get reliable, on-demand hazard information that helps you identify risks and take action to keep your customers, your workers, and your brand safe. 


Understand hazards in your supply chain

Get visibility of previously hidden risks in the ingredients you source while giving your suppliers the assurance their proprietary information will be protected. 


Make your toxicology process more efficient

Screen for a fraction of the time and cost of carrying out your own assessment. Do more with less and be more responsive to internal and external stakeholders.


Future-proof your business

Rapid regulatory change means passive compliance is no longer enough. Identify hazardous but not yet regulated chemicals to plan ahead and protect your business. 


Ensure market access

Identify hazards from the beginning that might lead to regulatory action or loss of market access down the road. Make strategic decisions, not rushed substitutions. 


Show your commitment to sustainability

Back your sustainability claims with robust, authoritative screening. Reassure your customers of the safety of your products and avoid reputational damage from the unsafe use of chemicals.

Leverage SciveraLENS across your business to …

Know more about your chemicals.

SciveraLENS in numbers…

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Verified CHAs


Toxicological endpoints

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customized screening lists

Share your data with buyers – not your secrets.


Certify your products for chemical safety

Certify your products against recognized certification and scoring programs, including Screened Chemistry, EIM Chemistry Impact, Nike Innovation Assessments, and more.

Increase buyer confidence in your products and improve their perceived value and safety with a mark of quality that your customers can trust.

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Respond more effectively to buyer needs

Respond to customer requests while protecting your IP and understand how your chemicals will be evaluated. Be more responsive to your buyers. Go beyond our free data entry offering with unlimited shares.  

Get a sneak peek into how your customers will be viewing your chemicals with full access to your screening results before you share them with customers and improve your products to meet buyer requirements. 

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Don’t just take our word for it

See how SciveraLENS helps you easily identify chemical hazards, understand risk in your supply chain, and ultimately make safer decisions about your chemicals. Just fill in the form below to schedule your free demo!

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Look inside SciveraLENS

Color-coded results

That let you see what you need at a glance

Supporting data

For when you need the extra details

Customizable dashboards

For a clear view of what’s important to you

Your ‘My Chemicals’ screen

For a big-picture view of your chemical hazards
Get clarity with a simplified view

View your results in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard that displays list screening results alongside data for 23 toxicological endpoints, all in a simple traffic light format. Plus, suppliers can redact chemical names to protect their proprietary information while still giving you the hazard data you need to make safer decisions.

Dig deeper with full supporting data

If you need it, you can access the toxicology research and data that informs our scoring. That means whether you need to drill into the details or reference a source to justify your decision-making process, you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips.

Customize your view with dashboards

Quickly assess your chemicals against the criteria that matter to you with dashboards. Our prebuilt SciveraLENS dashboard screens against regulatory must-haves and key hazards, or you can build your own dashboard aligned to your own products and priorities.

Identify serious risks at-a-glance

With the ‘My Chemicals’ screen, you can see all the chemicals you use, with summary hazard data, list screening, and information on how often the chemical appears across your Collections. This lets you identify potentially serious issues at-a-glance and prioritize chemicals to address.




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RESEARCH the data behind chemical assessments

Streamline your research process and get the information you need at your fingertips within an easy-to-use interface.

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