The simpler route to supply chain transparency

Supply Chain Connect

Source chemical information from across your supply chain in a simple, accessible format, while increasing supplier buy-in by protecting their confidential information.

Get the full picture of chemical hazards in your supply chain

Increasingly complex global supply chains mean there may be hidden hazards in the ingredients you use that you may not be aware of. This can pose considerable regulatory and business risk. Supply Chain Connect lets you source hazard information from your suppliers, giving you visibility of what’s going into your products and processes while increasing supplier response rates by protecting their IP.

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Supply Chain Connect is powered by our highly comprehensive database of hazard data

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Verified CHAs


Toxicological endpoints

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Regulatory and advisory lists

With Supply Chain Connect, you can…

Make safer sourcing and R&D decisions

Get increased visibility of the chemical hazards that might be getting into your products from your supply chain. Make informed, safe sourcing decisions and identify any issues early in the R&D process, reducing the risk of delays or costly reformulations. 

Be confident in the claims you make about your products

Reinforce your safety and sustainability claims by backing them with robust evidence. Minimize reputational risks caused by chemical hazards you might not even be aware of entering your products from upstream in your supply chain. 

Avoid hidden compliance risks

Prevent chemicals on regulatory lists from inadvertently getting into your products by screening your ingredients over more than 500 regulatory and advisory lists. Reduce the risk of enforcement actions, fines, or even loss of market access. 

Reduce the hassle of sourcing supplier data

Source supplier data in a single, consistent format, making it simple to identify issues and compare ingredients. Outsource supplier outreach to a trusted provider and receive expert support. Increase buy-in from suppliers by protecting their IP while still getting the information you need. 

Here’s just some of what Supply Chain Connect gives you:

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The information you need from your suppliers all in one place

Supply Chain Connect makes it easy to get the hazard information you need from suppliers, without the hassle of questionnaires and Safety Data Sheets. Simply request information through the platform and get data from your suppliers in a single, consistent format. You can request information either in bulk or individually for maximum flexibility. 

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High-quality data about the chemicals in your supply chain

Our platform screens your results against 23 key toxicological endpoints and more than 480500 regulatory and advisory lists, plus your own custom lists if you have them. Our screening is powered by an extensive library of chemical hazard information, covering more than 300,000 chemicals and including more than 4,500 CHAs, all created and maintained by our expert team. 

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Supplier buy-in, with screening that protects their confidential information

All too often, supplier engagement programs face resistance as suppliers are reluctant to disclose proprietary formulas. Supply Chain Connect solves this by redacting chemical names and CAS RNs while giving you the full hazard data, with the option to request additional details later. This gives your suppliers the confidence they need to fully engage with your processes. 

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Support from our experts with your supplier engagement program

We know that achieving the results you want from these programs requires time, resources, and experience. Our team of experts are here to help. We can help you get started, coordinate with internal stakeholders, scope what information is needed, coordinate outreach, and share best practices learned from our years of experience managing similar programs. 

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