Asia Pacific EHS Regulatory Outlook 2015

Asia continues to be an area of expansive growth for companies, not only as a location for manufacturing operations, but also as a market for products and services. At the same time, EHS awareness, regulation and enforcement activities are increasing throughout the region. Often "Asia" is spoken of in a way to suggest a cohesive entity, however it is anything but that, given the absence of an overriding framework (such as the European Union) and a vast variety of cultures, languages, and attitudes towards EHS issues.

Drawing on our extensive expertise in monitoring EHS regulations and conducting compliance assesments throughout the Asia Pacific region, Enhesa analysts have crafted this complimentary webinar to assist companies in understanding and anticipating the EHS regulatory developments within the Asia Pacific region. Our team has analyzed both proposed and passed EHS regulations to identify the key EHS policies that will impact business in the upcoming year.

Issues covered include:

  • The challenges to EHS compliance in Asia
  • Latest regulatory developments in:
    • Air Management (Emissions & Climate Change)
    • Occupational Health
    • Chemicals Management
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
    • Waste Management (EEE/WEE)
  • Enforcement trends and developments