The Challenge of Embedding a Global Culture of EHS Compliance: An Enhesa Client Study With Jabil

In this webinar, we welcome Jay Jayaraman, Global EHS Governance Manager at Jabil, the world's third largest electronic manufacturing services provider, to share his experience and insights concerning developing Jabil’s global EHS compliance management program with the help of Enhesa’s services. 

The webinar covers: 
- An overview of Jabil and its specific global challenges. 
- How the Jabil EHS Governance Program is structured and implemented globally. 
- What is expected of Jabil’s sites when it comes to self-assessing their EHS legal compliance. 
- The challenges Jabil faced in setting up their program. 
- How the Enhesa Compliance Dashboard, and the compliance data it generates is used across Jabil. 
- How Jabil got buy-in for their program from senior leadership