China’s 2013 Regulatory Update

China continues to be a country of expansive growth for companies - not only as a location for operations, but also as a market for products and services. In conjunction, EHS awareness, regulation and enforcement activities are increasing throughout the nation.

Drawing on Enhesa's expertise in monitoring EHS regulations and conducting compliance assessments throughout China, Enhesa's China Experts crafted this webinar to assist companies in understanding and anticipating the EHS regulatory developments there. Our team analyzed both proposed and passed EHS regulations to identify the key issues that will impact business in 2013 and beyond.

Topics explored included:

  • A brief overview of China's regulatory approach to EHS
  • The challenges faced by EHS Practitioners in the region
  • The latest developments and trends of EHS laws and regulations in the areas of:
    • Air Emission Management
    • Chemicals
    • Product Regulations
    • Health and Safety
    • Enforcement Practices
    • A conclusion on the impacts to industry and how to stay in compliance



Sally Li, EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa
Xiaolu Wang, EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa
Ellen Zhang, EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa