Different Approaches in Europe, Asia and the Americas on EHS Management and Compliance

To coincide with Enhesa's sponsorship of the "Managing Global Risk"  track at the IOSH 2015 Conference in London on 16-17 June, Enhesa hosted a complimentary webinar onThursday 7th May. This webinar provided a unique preview to some of the issues that will be covered throughout the "Managing Global Risk" track.

Entitled Different Global Approaches in Europe, Asia and the Americas on EHS Management and Compliance, this webinar took the form of a panel discussion comprised of Thierry Dumortier, Yves Marteau and Joe Wolfsberger, three contributors at the IOSH conference. Each spoke to the respective region in which they have extensive experience.

  • Thierry Dumortier: Enhesa Founding Partner and Director (Asia)
  • Yves Marteau: Enhesa Operations Manager & EHS Regulatory Expert (Europe)
  • Joe Wolfsberger: Senior Advisor at FDRSafety (Americas)


Webinar learning objectives include:

  • Learn about the IOSH 2015 Conference, including the Enhesa sponsored "Managing Global Risk," track, as well as the Safety & Health Expo
  • Acquire knowledge about the different approaches in Europe, Asia and the Americas in:
    • Compliance approaches
    • Management systems
    • Corporate culture
    • Enforcement Approaches
    • Challenges
  • Receive an overview of regulatory trends in each region
  • In the panel Q&A, our panelists will respond to various key questions regarding their experiences in their respective regions. Examples include:
    • What are the biggest management challenges to companies managing their regulatory compliance in your region?
    • What are the biggest regulatory challenges faced in your regions now and in the future?
    • Would you audit a facility differently in Europe vs. Asia vs. the Americas?


About the IOSH Conference 2015

The IOSH annual conference is a must-attend event in the safety and health calendar. The conference offers senior safety and health practioners and aspiring leaders two days' access to exceptional speakers from around the world, who'll present their latest initiatives alongside practical case studies and explorations of methodologies.

Leadership in action, this year's theme, is the driving force behind the success of safety and health strategies. Learning how to inspire leadership, recognise leadership qualities and harness them is essential in an environment of constant change and increasing demands on budgets and resources. Hear first-hand from those who have succeeded and, more importantly, find out how they achieved their success. View the agenda.

Running alongside IOSH 2015, the Safety & Health Expo will give you more opportunities to meet with colleagues, discover new products and services, and maintain your awareness and understanding of safety and health.